Is love important or necessary in a D/s relationship?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Rahul, Jan 5, 2013.

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    To call an attachment a relationship the first thing necessary is love.....we don't call any attachment as a relationship if there is no sweetness of love in it......i am sure you will raise up your eye brows with a question in your mind, then what about those relations which we come across by birth and even they don't have love in between them, like a brother to a brother, mother to a son, sister to a brother and even husband and a wife, and there are many relations which actually came across because of just relations for name sake but not in a true meaning.....

    Relationship is incomplete unless both heart feel for each other in pain, it is incomplete unless two minds respect each others' sentiments, it is incomplete even when you don't feel the others' importance in your just the same is in D/s relationship.......

    It become a real and meaningful D/s relationship when you have love in is love which concretes the base of the relationship. It is love that bring two souls of both the sub and dom and reunite to form a single spirit.

    Relationship in D/s is spiritual and if there is no love in it then it turn to be just to end up in one sentence LOVE make D/s relationship spiritual and eternal and YES it's very important under any circumstances to maintain it.

    Please share all your valuable comment on the caption
  2. Smallest

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    I think it depends very much on the relationship. If they want a purely BDSM relationship with no attachment or commitment other than things for safety (such as that there are no other partners or that it must be protected sex with others or whatever), it can still be fulfilling as a BDSM relationship.

    On the other hand, if one or both partners want someone to be with for life, confer with, talk to, etc, I think the development of love is important, although perhaps not necessary.

    In a relationship such as mine, where we are 24/7 BDSM partners, but also share a house, a bed, pets, family (not biologically), etc, and would like to get married or the equivalent, and want to share all of our experiences/feelings, I do think love is important and/or necessary.

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