Is "I'll pray for you" overused?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Ceilidh, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Ceilidh

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    I don't mean to start any religious debates, but a friend of mine brought this to my attention and I am now curious to how other people feel.

    A couple of weeks ago I began going through a serious family medical problem. Everyone - friends I haven't spoken to in 10 years to current friends and even strangers - kept saying that they would pray for us. It was in such an abundance that I was getting annoyed, but I always said thank you with a smile because I know they meant well.

    First off I'm living in part if the "bible belt" so religion is everywhere.
    Second, I'm not religious. My husband is Wicca and I'm just not sure what I believe in. I do believe there is some kind of great force or being/s out there, but what that exactly is, I'm not sure. And I don't like being pressured to attend church, I have a best friend who asks every time I see her.

    Anyways my questions are, what are your feelings when put into this type of situation? Is there anything else someone could say other than "I'll pray for you"?

    and I'm also wondering how many of the people who said they would pray for us really did. If you said you would pray for someone, do you really pray for them, or are you just saying the words because it is supposedly the best thing to say to someone when they are going through a difficult time?
  2. Nuka

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    From experience, we don't have that in the UK too much.

    Though "God bless you" as a way of thanks I find used a lot. It's a nice touch and reminds me of another era almost, as that kind of politeness isn't often seen these days.

    Personally I'm Pagan, and ash is Wiccan but I like hearing "God bless you". It's like a way of impersonal caring :)

    I can see where you're coming from with the medical issue though. It almost sounds morbid, I think I'd slap someone if they kept saying it to me xD
  3. Ceilidh

    Ceilidh Member

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    I agree. I think I would of preferred hearing "god bless you" to "I'll pray for you"

    The way I see it is what good would praying do? All you'd be doing is praying for mercy because wouldn't it of been god who created us all? So wouldn't he be the one to give medical problems and what not?

    With god bless you, you are at least asking him to bless us.....bless us with mercy also. So I guess it is no win. But bless you does sound less annoying to me.
  4. Nuka

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    I take it as the "oh someone cares enough to do that." But these days phrases like that or throwaways, things anyone can say to sound like they care/mean well but actually won't do much.

    Seen evidently when Atheists say it :p
  5. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

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    If they're just throwing it around, yes. If they're quite religious, I'd be happy with it, because (at least to them) it means something.

    But you don't really hear that phrase around here. I could imagine why you feel that way though.
  6. Ceilidh

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    I think most were just throwing the phrase around with the exception of one, a nun who visited us while we were still in the hospital. She was very sweet and I know at least her intentions were honest and truthful.

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    Hmmm... I think that some people say it at inappropriate times, which is annoying.

    I'm Christian myself but have many friends who are not. It all depends on what their attitudes are about it. I have a friend who was raised Mormon but now is an Agnostic, and I tell her I will pray for her, because she knows that I pray for people and I believe it makes a difference. Some of my Wiccan friends I would say it to, since they have prayers of sorts as well. I have another friend who is a Satanist, who I would NEVER say such a thing to. It would piss her off and be pointless. However, my bestfriend is an Athiest and I would tell her I'd pray for her just with the intention of pissing her off:) (She also makes fun of Christians, and I tell her she's going to hell- we joke about that stuff, because we are both OK with that... We're terrible people, I know. LOL.)

    When I say it, I normally have the intention of actually praying for that person... However, I often forget and feel pretty bad about that:( But I think if someone says it without the intention of actually praying for someone, then it's just losing the meaning. However, if they say it as a joke (as I do with my best friend), then that's OK... But I guess perhaps that's just my issue, because I'm Christian and take praying seriously. Others may not feel the same way.

    And of course there is the random time that someone says it and perhaps means it at a SUPER inappropriate time. For example, when someone comes out of the closet. THERE SHOULD BE NO MENTIONING OF PRAYING FOR THAT PERSON, UNLESS YOU ARE PRAYING THEY WILL BE ACCEPTED BY THEIR PEERS! Also... When it comes to someone's non-belief, as it does no good, and also when someone is in crisis- saying "I'll pray for you" or "You should go to church" is NOT going to help someone when they are thinking about ending their life.
  8. Nuka

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    Bunny, I myself am Pagan, and I use the term "Blessed be" not as a "I'll pray for you" but when it's an event or soemthing.

    In terms of "I'll pray for you" I guess I don't really say too much, maybe something along the lines of "With Orion's help" or "Thank Gaia" but yeah. Unless I really care or mean it, or have the intention of saying it, I don't bother.

    Refer to my previous posts upstairs xD

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