Is 1/4 inch thick rope sufficient?

Discussion in 'Safety aspects of BDSM' started by RS1981, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. RS1981

    RS1981 Member

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    I'm planning on buying a Strict Leather bondage set at the end of the month, and I'm wondering if the 1/4" nylon rope that comes with it is thick enough for bondage. I read the FAQ and L8NightQ mentioned 3/16" rope but my math sucks so I don't know what that is in simplified fractions lol. I'm getting it from Extreme Restraints and I generally trust the site but I just want to be sure.
  2. Knots

    Knots Member

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    (1/4 = 4/16)

    I expect 1/4" is probably sufficient.
  3. Aibo

    Aibo Member

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    Quarter inch is ok, any dimension can cause problems if if is pulled severely hard though.
  4. RS1981

    RS1981 Member

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    Ah that makes sense now, I guess the one reviewer was just being stupid and tied his sub too tight so it cut into her skin, it wasn't necessarily because of the quality.
  5. Aibo

    Aibo Member

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    That prolly the case yes.
    Binding with rope is usually more loose than what non-kinksters and beginners seem to think.
    It is still inescapable if done correctly.

    In addition I can add that rven fine rope can cause burns from friction if the pulled quickly over the skin. That have nothing to do with rope quality - only basics physics.
  6. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    Hi RS -

    Just happened to log in and see this.

    If I said 3/16 I was mistaken. I meant just over 1/4 which would be 5/16.

    Braided or twisted nylon is better than polypropylene, which feels the same at first, but actually irritates the skin after a while. Make sure you whip the ends.

    Get some at the hardware store and try it out. Any bigger and it changes the size of your knots a little to much, but then, everyone's different.
    Go with what feels best for you.

    To everyone else - Miss you guys.... Been on contract and working long hours since Feb.
    I'm sure I'll be back.
  7. Dark McArthur

    Dark McArthur New Member

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    Some of the best ties I've seen looked tight but weren't actually and could be tightened or losened by either sliding knots, or changing the models position. For example, in a breast bondage shoot, the model is tied above and below her breasts and with a small length of rope, make loops between the top and bottom robe in her cleavage. That way, you can increase the pressure on the breasts by pulling or losening the short rope. Worth a try.
  8. Shizomania1

    Shizomania1 New Member

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    I like to use larger ropes, won't leave the same marks when we're into more extreme plays.
  9. shauwn

    shauwn Member

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    Quarter inch rope will work, but I would go to half inch...much easier on the skin!
    Also my partner uses cotton blend clothesline for my bondage, and it is so much nicer! doesn't tend to give rope burns as easily as nylon does.

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