Iowa man gets 15 years for making an order of alleged pre-teen mangas

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Death, May 27, 2009.

  1. Death

    Death Member

    It isn't even clear if it truly was drawings of "pre-teens"; from the comments to the article that follow, the drawings depicted sex between characters that "could" be underage. In other words, like with basically any manga available, as basically all girls look underage in manga. It's chilling what a country the US is. Even if it was lolicon or shotacon, it was still just drawings. I really don't like lolicon/shotacon myself but, nonetheless, I can see such a complete difference between child porn and lolicon/shotacon. Child porn is beyond terrible but when someone likes lolicon and/or shotacon, it does NOT EVEN mean the person is a pedophile. And if the person IS a pedophile, better that that person would look at should-be legal drawings than ending up looking at horrifying child porn, instead. Why can't people see the difference between lolicon/shotacon and child porn? Why are people so fucking stupid? God I HATE this world.

    Take note that the article says that the guy was a collector. I bet he just obsessively collected all sorts of manga books and drawings, and for that he got fifteen years. If he's just another innocent person to be thrown into prison in the US, I hope he takes his life, soon, so he won't have to go through this shit any longer.
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  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    you should post this in the "in the media" section
  3. Death

    Death Member

    The "in the news" thread...? Well, it's much more about human rights than fetishes. I would post it but I don't really feel like bothering with it, right now.

    I really hate this world and almost all people in it. Sigh.
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  4. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I'm in agreement that the world usually sucks.
  5. Amuk

    Amuk Member

    Wow, that case is a load of crap. It really is a shame that he didn't take it all the way.

    While I agree that the world does suck, there is a beauty to everything all the same. Humans are a generally disgusting species, but that is besides my point. It's the fact that we even exist in the first place. The fact that anythingin our universe exists is what is truly amazing. The fact that there is life, that is even more astounding.

    Why do I believe this? Because out of an infinite number of possibilities, WE EXIST. To even just exist, against all odds, should count for something, shouldn't it?
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  6. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    yes, yes it should Amuk. However merely existing doesn't count for nearly as much as what you do with that existence, and when I see stuff like this, it reminds me of why I never watch the news.
  7. Amuk

    Amuk Member

    Precisely. I don't preach world peace, as I don't believe it's possible. And I don't preach about improving the world either. It's the betterment of self that I believe. What we experience as existence is only in our minds, so we might as well try to improve ourselves.

    News? I've almost forgotten what that is.
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  8. pyroaquatic

    pyroaquatic Member

    out of chaos, order is made.

    i wonder how much money the state put into prosecuting this man and keeping him holed up. Instead they should pool that money into technologies that catch people that actually do it. (or worse crimes)
  9. Death

    Death Member

    I wonder what those that feel this is correct (and MANY do) would feel about someone merely being harassed by the authorities for ordering a manga with murder in it, or maybe for drawing murder. It'd be a scandal. Or maybe it wouldn't. The US and almost all other countries are so fucked up that people just don't care. The innocents are just statistics, or text on a screen, or words from a newsperson.
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  10. Amuk

    Amuk Member

    You make a very good point, Death. Just because someone creates a fictionalized version of something, doesn't mean that they are going to do that. In fact, I think it's better that people have some sort of release rather than having to pent it all up. That would make anyone eventually crack under the pressure.

    That's why some people are saying that it's ok to play violent video games, watch violent movies, read violent comics, etc It means that they're rational enough to not release those feeling in the real world on real people. Take it away, and then you've got the real problem. The same should apply for this, but most are just too hidebound to acknowledge such a concept.
  11. praefect

    praefect Member

    Stuff like this has been bothering me for a while. Recently, well, maybe 8 months or so ago now, they outlawed that people have the POTENTIAL appearance of being underage when engaged in sex in Germany. That doesn't only mean infantalism (or whatever you call it) and other kinds of age play, it also means two adults in an consensual activity that involves a school girl uniform or a cheerleader outfit is now against the law, even if they're not age playing at all, because that would just turn people into predators and pedophiles I suppose.

    Nobody's been prosecuted yet, not that I heard of, but the existence of this law alone makes me very sad.

    One of the reasons I'm posting here and not on a German board is that if I wanted to participate on a German BDSM related forum I would have to go through an age verification procedure that includes giving my real name and address in writing to a Post Office person, something that is than put into the hands of some third party that will have the ability to track all the content that requires age verification that I try to access.

    The thought of having my actual name linked to online accounts somewhere, places where I want to talk about things I wouldn't want to talk about in the open with just anyone, especially not with people that outlaw cheerleader uniforms just because they felt like it, have put infrastructure in place to store all online activity of every German citizen, now are putting infrastructure in place for broad censorship of the web, people that seem to have a totalitarian itch that needed scratching, ... well, I'm here now, aren't I, and I'm not going to stay in Germany itself much longer either.
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  12. subspace

    subspace Member

    I had no idea this sort of thing was going on in 'civilized' societies! This is truly scary!
  13. praefect

    praefect Member

    It really is scary :(

    There was an election coming up just before the internet censorship law that passed recently (which, by the way, got a legal right to ignore our own constitution), and people were practically tripper over themselves to top one another in things they want to have banned, up to a point where newspapers got worried at one point that they wouldn't able to post about much more than the weather if some of the proposed anti-violence proposals would have made it into the bill.

    There were people that spoke out against it, but all of them were branded as pedophile supporters and people who would like to see children being abused. I got the sense in all the news reports that the media itself was to worried to even touch the subject with a ten foot pole.

    "I don't think it is right to give the government this much control over information"
    "Why do you hate children, why do you want to make them suffer?!?"

    Ugh. Scary indeed.

    Australia seems to get a lot of attention for it's internet filter plan, but the truth is that it's happening in a lot of places around the globe, not just in Australia and not just in Germany, and I believe mostly in so called "civilized" societies.
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  14. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    thet really sucks for thet man in prison he'll be considered as pedophile (and'll be fucked hurd...)
  15. Master_J

    Master_J Member

    And here i used to always say i would love to visit Germany. This is dissapointing news, indeed.

    And as for the OP's post, that is ridiculous. That poor guy probably just liked manga, and to be thrown in prison for it? Thats horrible. 15 years in prison for collecting manga.... This world truly is a sad place.

    The path that "civilized" societies are taking is only going to lead to eventual Anarchy.

    Goverment overstepping their boundaries, over-exerting power, will only lead to eventual chaos and revolting. Civil war will come someday, and with today's technology, its going to be far worse than any previous civil war.

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