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    by V.W Singer.

    The following fantasy story involves sadism, pain, and sex. Do not read any further if you are offended by such topics. This is a work of unpublished fiction, and is not intended to be a portrayal of a real life BDSM lifestyle.

    Chapter One.

    The box load of mail slithered out onto the table top with a sound similar to that of an oncoming horde of locusts, knocking Tommy's Super Double Chocolate Milkshake over, spilling the sticky concoction all over the kitchen floor and splashing his shoes. When he considered the contents of 99 percent of the letters, the simile seemed especially apt.

    "Help The Poor! The Upper Uzbekistan Home For The Befuddled and Incontinent needs your help today!"

    "Invest in the Atlantis Reconstruction Fund! Guaranteed return of 289% on every million dollars!"

    "Pay Your Taxes In Advance and SAVE! The Inland Revenue invites you to sign up for this exciting new programme. Just pay your taxes in advance for a minimum of 5 years or 1 million dollars (whichever is higher) and get a rebate of 25 dollars PLUS a special "I Paid My Taxes" mouse pad FREE!"

    Tommy's ISP had cancelled his account due to the massive amount of email addressed to him and his neighbours were threatening to sue him. He had begun to wonder whether winning that 25 million dollar lottery prize was such a good thing after all.

    Being an intelligent and clear thinking person, whenever he found himself thinking such thoughts, he would do the only sensible thing and slap himself around the head until the doubts went away. "Still," muttered Tommy, "it would be nice if I could avoid all the leeches without locking myself in a bomb shelter."

    The windfall had come at the perfect time. Tommy had just graduated from university and had been looking for a job when suddenly his life had been turned upside-down. He was still trying to get used to the idea that the multi- millionaire Thomas Bedford was the Tommy who looked out at him from the mirror.

    Dragging the waste paper bin closer, he sat down and began sorting through the pile of envelopes. He performed what amounted to triage on the pile, throwing away any envelope that had a company logo on it. Next he looked for names and addresses that he recognised as belonging to a friend or relative. Finally, he was left with a much reduced stack of anonymous mail. The bulkier ones he now left to be inspected by a security consultant after being spared from a letter bomb only by the bomber's incompetence.

    He waded through the usual begging letters, hate mail and crazies, most of them joining their corporate brethren in the bin. About a third of the way through, one of the thicker envelopes slipped out and fell back to the table top with an audible "clunk". Tommy picked it up and saw that it bore his name and address neatly hand written on an expensive looking cream envelope, but no stamp or other markings. The flap was sealed with a red sticker embossed with what appeared to be a stylised rose. Curious, Tommy slit it open. Inside was a single sheet of blank white card, folded in half. Mounted between the folded card was a gold coloured metal business card that bore the words "Introductory Offer" and a telephone number. The gold card was quite thick and heavy. In fact, it had the heft and colour of real gold. "No," thought Tommy "it couldn't be!"

    Later in the day, Tommy stood before the local metallurgist. "Yes, this card is made of pure gold." said the metallurgist nodding. "In fact, it is almost absolutely pure. You could easily exchange that for cash anywhere in the world."

    When he arrived home, Tommy picked up his telephone and dialled the number from the card.

    A sexy female voice answered. "Good morning, may I help you?"

    Tommy noted that the speaker had not given a company name. "Hello, my name is Thomas Bedford and I am calling about the gold card that I received in the mail."

    "Yes, Mr. Bedford," she replied. "Would you like try our services? The first appointment is free, with no obligation attached. Our representative can call on you at any time that is convenient."

    "But I don't even know what your services are!" protested Tommy.

    "Our representative will explain everything when she arrives," said the anonymous voice on the other end of the line.

    Tommy hesitated. He was fed up of salespeople turning up at his door. The golden card gleamed in the morning light. Pure gold! He sighed and said "I suppose that you have paid for a few minutes of my time. Would seven o'clock tonight be okay?"

    "That would be fine Mr. Bedford. Our representative will be there promptly at seven. Thank you," said the voice and then hung up without giving him a chance to ask anything more.

    It occurred to Tommy that this lapse suggested either that this mysterious service organisation was very efficient and had his address at their fingertips, or alternatively, they had hired a very incompetent operator. He reached out to dial the number again, then he shrugged. He had not planned on going anywhere tonight, so he would soon discover the answer to that question.

    Chapter Two.

    At the stroke of seven, a discreet tap on the door announced the arrival of the "representative".

    Tommy cautiously opened the door and was met with the pleasant sight of an extremely pretty woman in an expensive looking business suit. She had short, light brown hair, large brown eyes and carried an even larger leather case. He took the opportunity to examine her back as he ushered her into the house. She was tall, had a figure that would look good in a swimsuit and her hips wriggled delightfully as she walked. Tommy followed her into the living room, content to let her make the first move.

    "Good evening Mr. Bedford." she said, turning to face him and sticking out her hand. Her grip was firm but not knuckle breaking and the skin of her palm was soft and smooth.

    The handshake lasted a little longer than could be justified by a mere business greeting but shorter than Tommy would have liked. He could smell her perfume, which was light and tangy.

    "My name is Helen and I hope to be of service to you this evening," she said, sitting down on the sofa and crossing her legs. Her skirt was slit up the side and revealed an impressive length of creamy white thigh.

    "Thank you Helen, but I must admit, I still have no idea what your company is offering. Do you sell insurance?" asked Tommy.

    "No, Mr. Bedford, I don't sell insurance," she replied, smiling.

    "Call me Tommy," he said, sitting down beside her. He couldn't help smiling back despite his caution.

    "Tommy," Helen said, nodding. "Before I tell you about our services, let me show you some market research that we have done."

    "O.K." said Tommy.

    Helen activated a tablet and began reading from it. "Let's see. You are the regular customer of a series of books entitled Bizarre Sadistic Tales, you purchased twenty five videos in the last two months, all of which depicted sadistic acts performed by men on women of approximately my description and you are a regular visitor and contributor to sadistic and torture oriented forums under another name." Looking up, Helen smiled sweetly again at Tommy.

    Alarmed and annoyed at the intrusion into his privacy, Tommy began to protest. "How dare you check up on me like that! If this is some kind of blackmail scheme, it won't work! I ...."

    "Please Tommy, I'm not here to blackmail you or harm you in any way," said Helen gently. "Our company has financial interests in all the suppliers of the books and videos that I mentioned and as for the forums, you made no attempt to hide yourself apart from the use of a pseudonym. What is not generally known is that we also offer a range of specialised services. However, these services are very expensive and are usually extended on a referral basis only to selected wealthy individuals. Until recently, you did not qualify."

    "What services?" demanded Tommy in frustration.

    "In your case, the company offers - " she paused to make sure that Tommy was listening, "Me."

    "Do you mean to say that after all that fuss, you are telling me that you come from an escort agency?" exclaimed Tommy. He was not sure whether to laugh or be angry.

    Helen shook her head. "No Tommy. The company is not an escort agency and I am not an escort. The company offers you the exclusive use of an attractive, intelligent and well groomed lady. When I say use, I mean just that. Once you have agreed to the fee and the standard commercial terms, you may do anything you like to her short of death or dismemberment."

    "Anything?" asked Tommy sceptically.

    "Yes. I said that we do not supply regular escorts. Each young lady is available only once. All of them are single, without prior criminal record and have never previously performed sexual favours in exchange for payment. Our standard fee for S&M services is one hundred thousand dollars for a session lasting a maximum of three days." answered Helen.

    "What makes you think that I would give you that much money? You could take it and just walk away!" protested Tommy.

    Helen reached out and took Tommy's hand in both of hers. Her touch made his skin tingle. "Quite naturally you need proof that our services are real and worth the price. That is why we have this Introductory Offer. First, we pay you for your time, through the gold card. Second, we give you a free sample." She squeezed his hand.

    "Free?" said Tommy doubtfully.
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    Introductory Offer Pt 2

    "Yes. If you accept our offer, you will have my services for the entire night until 10 a.m. tomorrow morning. All you have to do is sign this agreement which states that you wish to participate in our product demonstration programme. As you can see, the wording is simple and clear. No payments, no commitments. You take no risks whatsoever as you are not paying for anything and the agreement indemnifies you against any claims for damages or injuries that I may incur while demonstrating our products."

    Helen reached down and lifted her leather case onto the coffee table. When she lifted the lid, Tommy gasped in amazement. Whips, chains, clips, ropes and other such items filled the case. "All of these items are produced or marketed by the Company. So long as you use only the items in this case, you are covered by the wording of the agreement."

    Tommy was stunned. This was like something out of one of those sexual fantasy stories on the internet! It had to be a joke or some kind of trick. Any moment now the woman would scream and a horde of TV reporters would crash into the room!

    "I see that you are still doubtful." said Helen. "We expected that. Do you know a Mr. Larry Hobbs?" she asked.

    "Why, yes! He's my lawyer," replied Tommy, wondering where this was all going.

    "I met with Mr. Hobbs this morning and explained that I would be collaborating with you in some field trials of our products and that there was some risk of physical injury to myself. I have left with him a notarised statement confirming that I am fully aware of the danger and consent to it of my own free will. In addition, I placed a copy of an insurance policy covering my person in his keeping. Why don't you call him now?" said Helen.

    Larry was an old friend of Tommy's as well as his lawyer. In a daze, he dialled Larry's home number. Larry answered and Tommy repeated what Helen had just told him. Larry confirmed that she had indeed done everything that she had claimed. Helen indicated that she wished to speak to Larry, so Tommy passed her the handset.

    "Hello Mr. Hobbs," she said. "I am here now with Tommy and we are about to commence with the trials. I want to tell you that I am much attracted to Tommy and that I intend to seduce him and take him to bed tonight if at all possible."

    Tommy blushed bright red in embarrassment and horror. Grabbing the phone, he bid the astonished Larry goodnight and hung up. "What did you do that for?" he demanded.

    "My statement makes it very difficult for me to later claim rape or sexual assault. Does that convince you of my sincerity Tommy?" said Helen, grinning. "By the way, I am going to be very well paid for tonight and in addition, I will receive a percentage of any future fee that you pay to the Company, so it is in my best interests to make sure that you have a good time tonight."

    Chapter Three.

    Tommy stared at the SM gear in the case and blushed again. "I have to tell you something Helen. I have never actually done anything like that." He pointed at the case. "My sex life is normal, or at least it was until I won all that money, but not kinky. I like to fantasise about it, but I am not sure that I would even like it in real life."

    Helen snuggled up to him and placed her hand on his thigh, rubbing the fabric of his trousers gently in a circular motion. "Do you like this?" she asked, her breath warm against his cheek. Tommy nodded. She took his hand and placed it on her thigh, moving it in the same way over the creamy naked skin just above her knee. "And this?" she asked.

    Tommy nodded again, his attention totally focused on the sight and feel of her flesh under his palm.

    Helen took hold of his index finger and used it like a pencil to draw an invisible line up and down her inner thigh, starting from her knee and sliding up and up and up to the hem of her skirt and beyond. She bent his finger a little more until the tip of his fingernail was sliding like the edge of a tiny knife across her skin. Up and down she stroked, gradually increasing the pressure until Tommy noticed with a start that his nail was scratching hard enough against her thigh to draw a visible pink line. "And that?" she whispered. Tommy could barely move his head. He could feel his pulse throbbing all through his body. Helen pressed even harder on his finger. As their joined hands moved upwards from her knee, Tommy could feel the vibration of his fingernail scraping firmly across her thigh as it painted a broad crimson line that led towards the shadows beneath Helen's skirt. Their hands stopped, his finger cloaked by the fabric.

    Helen pressed her lips to Tommy's ear in a brief kiss. "Ouch" she said slowly and breathlessly, dragging out the sound in a long sexy sigh.

    At his point, it was obvious from the bulge in Tommy's trousers that he was indeed enjoying the proceedings. "S&M is looking better all the time!" said Tommy, grinning. His grin faded as he tried to think of what a Real Dom would do now. Images from all the books and videos flashed through his mind, but somehow none of them seemed appropriate.

    Seeing his change in mood, Helen squeezed his hand again and asked "More?"

    Tommy nodded enthusiastically.

    Still holding his hand, Helen looked into Tommy's eyes and asked "Given the choice, which part of me would you most like to torture?" she asked, her thumb gently rubbing the centre of his palm. Helen guided his hand to a spot near her breast. "My tits? Would you like to play with my tits?"

    "Uh-huh." muttered Tommy, his tongue feeling clumsy and numb.

    "Or how about my bottom?" asked Helen, pulling his hand down to cup to curve of her hip. "Does the idea of caning my bottom turn you on Tommy?"

    "Yes, oh yes!" agreed Tommy, the sound of the woman's soft, velvety voice and the dark, unmentionable pleasures that she seemed to suggest stimulating him more that the feel of her buttock cupped in his palm.

    Helen leaned even closer, her hair tickling the side of his face. "And what about my pussy Tommy. Would you like to do naughty, painful things to my little pussy?" she whispered, as if sharing some obscene secret.

    "I, ah, I ...." stammered Tommy. Hearing this beautiful sexy woman talk about her pussy in this way made him feel like he would soon explode into a million swollen, throbbing pieces.

    "So!" exclaimed Helen. "We have a pussy lover here eh!" she said as she drew his captive hand down to her lap, to rest for a moment near to her hidden pussy. Bending her head, Helen kissed Tommy's palm, tickling it with the tip of her tongue. "I promise that you tonight you will have to the chance to do all those terrible, secret things that you have previously only dreamt of, Tommy."

    "I want to see you naked," said Tommy, gaining confidence.

    "You want me to take off my jacket and my blouse, and even my bra and panties?" teased Helen. "Then order me to undress for you Tommy. Give me a command, my Master."

    "Take your top off!" ordered Tommy in a firmer voice. "I want you naked above the waist."

    Helen smiled and seemed to nod in approval. "By your command Master." she replied, shrugging out of her jacket and slowly unbuttoning the front of her blouse. Tugging the ends out of the waistband of her skirt, she slid the silken blouse off of her shoulders to fall in a shimmering white puddle on the seat next to her. Reaching behind her in that special motion that only women can do gracefully, Helen unfastened her bra and slipped it off to join her blouse on the couch. Knowing that Tommy's eyes were watching her every movement, Helen stretched gracefully, arching her back and running her hands through her hair to lock her fingers behind her neck. Her breasts lifted and thrust out gloriously, her nipples quivering as if endowed with a life of their own. "Is this what you had in mind Master?"

    Tommy reached out hesitantly to touch her arm near the armpit and slid it down her side to her waist.

    Helen giggled. "That tickles."

    Laying his palm flat on her belly, Tommy could feel Helen's slow, steady breathing and the ripple of the firm muscles under his hand. Moving his hand upwards, he cupped her right breast in his hand, savouring its smooth perfection. He brushed the nipple, moving round and around, as if polishing the orb that he held. Tommy could feel the rubbery pink bud grow and stiffen under his touch. With the tips of his fingers he captured the turgid nipple and played with it, tugging, twisting and rubbing, simply enjoying the feeling of handling this lovely woman so intimately.

    "Go ahead. Do it," said Helen. "You know you want to."

    Tommy glanced up at her face. Helen nodded, urging him on. Ever so slowly, Tommy let his finger and thumb close on her nipple, harder and harder, until he knew that he must be hurting her, but Helen gave no indication that he was doing anything different. Determined to get a reaction, Tommy clamped down with more force, his knuckles whitening. Helen hissed, sucking her breath in though her teeth. The hissing grew louder as Tommy continued to squeeze her nipple. Tommy eased the pressure, and he detected a tiny sigh of relief. Without warning, he crushed her nipple with renewed force, drawing a startled "Ow!" from the half naked woman.
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    Introductory Offer Pt 3

    With a smile of satisfaction, Tommy freed the swelling nipple from the vice of his fingers. A tingle of sensual pleasure flowed through his body. He realised that he did indeed possess the desire and ability to obtain erotic stimulation from the infliction of pain on a beautiful woman.

    "I can see that you liked that," said Helen. Her arms were still raised and outspread. "I have another one of those you know," she added, nodding her head in the direction of her untouched left nipple.

    "So you have!" said Tommy in mock surprise. Darting his hand out, he rudely grabbed at the indicated nipple, gripped it firmly and twisted it, hard.

    Helen's arms wavered for an instant as instinct made her want to drop her arms in defence and to pull away from the pain. Recovering, she straightened up again and pushed her breast out, making it clear that Tommy was welcome to continue.

    Tommy eyed the results of his labours. Both nipples were deep red and firmly swollen. He realised that Helen was waiting for him to tell her to put her hands down. He continued to stare for a moment longer and then he said "O.K. You can relax."

    Helen lowered her arms, but did not try to cover her breasts or rub her sore nipples. To her surprise, Tommy reached out with both hands to cup her breasts in his hands and bent his head. She tensed, expecting him to bite her, but was surprised when he gently kissed the tips of her breasts and then gave her a quick peck on her forehead.

    "Thank you," said Tommy.

    "My pleasure." she replied. "You're nice. I am glad that you are not the type who feels he has to slap a woman around and call her names."

    "Even if I am going to torture you?" asked Tommy in amusement.

    "That is what I'm here for," answered Helen simply. After a moment, she leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Would you like to see me naked?" she said, glancing around dramatically, as if someone might hear and disapprove.

    "Well, only if I really have to," said Tommy in mock reluctance.

    They both giggled and Helen jumped up and began to grind her hips like a stripper, humming an appropriate tune. Off came her skirt, which she let fall to the floor. This left her in only her white panties and shoes. With a quick bend and thrust of her arms, the wispy silk panties joined the skirt on the floor. Kicking the garments aside, she twirled on the spot, giving Tommy a good look at her naked body.

    Planting her feet slightly apart, Helen stood in front of Tommy, her hands on her hips. "There! I am nude, naked, starkers! You can have your wicked way with me," she said, grinning. Lifting her left foot onto the seat of the couch, she swung her knee out to the side, giving Tommy a chance to have a better look between her legs. Helen was clean shaven, and red and pink line of her sex showed clearly in contrast to the fair skin of her pubis. "You see! I didn't forget what your favourite spot is. Pussy meet Tommy. Tommy meet Pussy," she said, patting her pussy with her fingers.

    Tommy felt his heart beat faster as he reached out to touch the warm softness that the woman presented to him so openly. Her skin was smooth, and slightly moist with perspiration and her secretions. Stroking the bare padded mound, he could not feel any trace of stubble.

    "Very close shave," he commented.

    Helen's throaty laugh seemed to tickle his spine. "I plucked my pubic hair out with tweezers! One by one. Very slowly."

    "I like it," said Tommy, his fingers mapping every curve and fold of her sex like the concentration of a man reading Braille. Bringing his fingers to his nose, he could detect a trace of her smell, musky and yet sharp. The feminine essence reached deep into his brain, bringing every nerve of his body to high alert.

    "It's so sensitive there," murmured Helen, dragging out the "so" until it sounded like a moan. "It's all yours Tommy. Touch it, play with it. Put your fingers deep in my hole. Do anything you like. Just tell me what you would like and I will help you. Anything at all, no matter how naughty or dirty or painful. The most secret part of a woman Tommy. The part that no one is allowed to see or touch."

    Sliding his fingertip between her inner labia, Tommy ran his finger up and down from the top where the crinkly lips met down and down to were they framed the opening leading into her vagina. Dipping his finger into the portal of her womanhood, he found her only very slightly moist.

    "Would you like to see more?" asked Helen. "Would you like me to make myself wet and open for you?"

    Tommy nodded, engrossed with his digital exploration.

    "Tell me what to do Tommy. Say it out loud," urged Helen.

    "Spread you pussy open. Show me everything. Make it wet. I want to see your juices," Tommy said, his voice shaking.

    Helen responded eagerly, seating herself on the couch once again, her back against the arm. She lifted her left leg in a graceful arc and draped it over the back. Leaving her right foot on the floor she spread her thighs wide, giving Tommy comfortable access to her crotch. He leaned over, resting on his elbows and bringing his face within inches of her upturned pussy.

    "Watch me!" said Helen, reaching down to spread apart her outer labia with her fingers. Peeling apart the plump fleshy lips, she exposed her inner sex to the gaze of the avidly staring man. "Can you see? Can you see right inside my hole?"

    Running her fingertip over her sex, she pointed out all the parts of her pussy, giving Tommy a guided tour. "Look. Right here, just inside the opening, can you see my pee hole? And these are my pussy lips, all crinkly and soft. See how they stretch?" she said, pulling on her inner labia, spreading the pink flaps out like tiny wings. Finally she shifted her fingers upwards, until they met at the joining of her labia. Pulling up and back, she peeled the protective hood away from her clitoris. "This is my clit, my pearl, my favourite toy. Isn't it pretty?"

    Tommy stared in fascination, engrossed as much by Helen's obscene commentary as by the sight of her completely open sex.

    Helen began masturbating, gently rubbing the area around her clit, sometimes slowly, sometimes faster, her fingertip a vibrating blur as she stimulated herself. Her other fingers kneaded the complex folds of her sex, moving her flesh in an intricate dance of pleasure. She was soon rewarded for her work as the pink membranes of her vaginal opening began to glisten and then shine when her pussy juices began to flow. "Its coming! Look! I'm getting wet just for you."

    Tommy watched as her slowly accumulating juices began to run down to form a tiny pool at the mouth of her vaginal passage, gathering into a large droplet that suddenly broke free and ran down the curve of her buttock until it soaked into the fabric of the couch. An idea hit him and he sat up. "Keep playing with yourself." he ordered. "Don't stop."

    Swivelling on his buttocks, Tommy turned and began rummaging through the contents of Helen's bag. After a moment he grunted in satisfaction as he pulled a short, thick leather strap out from the jumble of gear. Made of dark brown leather, the carved handle of the tawse fit comfortably in his hand. He turned to kneel beside the masturbating woman.

    "Listen to me Helen. Play with yourself until you cum. Make yourself cum for me. I want you to tell me the moment you feel your orgasm starting. I'm going to whip your pussy while you cum. Do you understand?" said Tommy, his face almost pressed against Helen's cheek.

    Helen nodded. "Yes. Whip me. Whip my cunt while I cum," she panted, while she continued teasing and playing with her clit and vagina. She closed her eyes, concentrating on the pleasurable sensations that her fingers were creating between her thighs. Gradually, her movements grew more urgent and more focused. Her fingers began to move in a short, rapid back and forth movement over her clitoris.

    "I'm nearly there." she moaned, her arm a blur of motion. The muscles of her thighs and belly tensed, raising her hips slightly off the couch. "Soon, soon, yes, almost ... NOW!" she cried, her belly rippling in rhythmic convulsions as the orgasm spread like the shockwaves of an explosion from her pussy outwards through the rest of her body. With amazing self control, Helen gripped her outer labia with shaking fingers to spread herself wide open.

    Tommy's arm jerked up, almost as if Helen's orgasm had somehow spread to his body. The tawse lifted high, paused for a fragment of a second and then flashed down to land with a "splat" squarely on the wet, throbbing inner flesh of her sex.
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    Introductory Offer Pt 4

    Helen's whole body was already totally committed to the shattering sensations of her orgasm when the second wave of equally intense sensation blasted through her overloaded nerves as the heavy leather struck her most sensitive parts. A roaring flood of pain followed right on the heels of almost unbearable pleasure. Helen's mouth opened in a soundless scream, her eyes wide open in shock.

    In slow motion, Helen's body folded up, curling into a foetal ball as her mind struggled to deal with the overwhelming flood of sensations.

    Dropping the tawse, Tommy gathered the woman in his arms, as he pressed his mouth to hers in a deep kiss. Blindly, Helen reached out to clap her arms around the man who had just caused her such intense pain. Locked in an embrace, they shared a long, almost mystical moment of union.

    Brushing her sweat dampened hair from her forehead, Tommy looked into Helen's swirling hazel eyes. "Wow!" he said admiringly. "That was really something."

    " Thank you, kind sir," said Helen, her lips curving in a drowsy smile. She winced as her thighs rubbed together, brushing her over-stimulated clitoris. She grinned at Tommy. "I know that I am going to regret this," she said dreamily.

    "What?" asked Tommy, frowning in puzzlement.

    "I just thought that I would mention that my clit is extremely sore and sensitive right now. The slightest movement of my thighs is painful." she replied. "An evil sadistic person might take advantage of that," she said, waggling her eyebrows suggestively.

    Tommy grinned back at her, amazed at her determination and willingness to please him. "Being a kind and gentle person, I would not dream of taking advantage of your condition in that way," he said. "However, I guess that I should examine your pussy to see whether any damage was done."

    Helen rolled her eyes dramatically as she spread her thighs once again.

    Tommy crawled up between her thighs to perform his investigations. "Is this the spot that is too tender to be touched?" he asked, prodding her clit with a deliberately clumsy fingertip.

    "Ow!" yelped Helen.

    "I guess that was it," said Tommy, nodding sagely. "And I suppose that rubbing your clit like this is out of the question?" he asked, briskly rubbing his fingertip over her tender clit.

    Helen squirmed and quivered. "Yow! That really hurts!" she growled through gritted teeth.

    "Maybe a nice massage would help," said Tommy, gripping her clit between his fingers and kneading it like a tiny ball of dough.

    Helen's hips bounced up and down in frantic rejection of Tommy's ungentle treatment of her sex bud. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" she groaned, her head thrashing from side to side, flailing her damp hair around like a cat-o-nine-tails.

    Finally, Tommy stopped and planted a gentle kiss on the sorely mistreated sex organ. This he followed with a kiss on her lips. "Thank you," he said, planting kisses all over her face.

    Chapter Four.

    By this time, Tommy's cock had swollen to the point of pain. He was forced to unzip his trousers and release his stiff, throbbing rod from its bindings.

    Helen reached out and softly stroked his manhood, running her fingertip over the throbbing purple head. "I think that you are going to cum soon even if neither of us touches this," she said, waving the rigid organ from side to side in emphasis.

    "What do you suggest?" Tommy asked.

    "Hmm. You enjoy looking at my pussy. If you fuck me the regular way, you won't be able to see it," said Helen. "They tell me that there is nothing like the feeling of being sucked off by a screaming woman."

    Reaching into her bag of tricks, Helen pulled out a long black rubber dildo. However, Tommy immediately saw that this was no ordinary dildo. It's surface was studded with sharp hard rubber spikes that resembled tiny pyramids which would obviously scrape painfully against the inner walls of a woman's vagina as it was thrust in and out. There was another special feature to this tool. A circular rubber disk formed the hilt of this spiked sword, which was in turn followed by a short moulded handle. On the top surface of the disk facing away from the handle was set a ring of tiny metal needles, like the points of thumb tacks. Tommy realised that if the dildo was thrust all the way in, the entire area around the vaginal opening would be pierced by the ring of needles, from the clitoris all the way to the edge of the anus.

    "This should do the trick!" said Helen, waving the horrific instrument around gaily. Grabbing hold of Tommy's cock, she licked her lips suggestively. Bending her head, she gently kissed the tip of his penis. With a graceful motion, she sank to the floor, lying down on her back. Grabbing a cushion from the couch, she placed it under her head as Tommy undressed.

    Guided by Helen's touch, Tommy straddled her head, bringing his cock into position above her mouth. For a moment, he puzzled about getting into position to use the dildo. He could not bend over far enough to reach her pussy without needing the support of his hands.

    Patting him on the buttocks Helen said "Lie down on me. It's all right. I can take your weight. That will help to hold me in position when you push the needles in."

    Gingerly, Tommy lowered himself until his chest rested on her lower belly. His face was once again pressed up close to Helen's pussy. With the fingers of his left hand he carefully spread her pussy open, fitting the spiked head of the dildo into the waiting mouth of her vagina. Hesitating, he asked "Are you sure that you don't want some KY jelly or something?"

    Helen's warm breath tickled his penis as she laughed. "Silly boy. If it is all slippery then it won't hurt will it?" She kissed his cock again. "I am going to start sucking you now. Have a good time torturing my pussy and don't worry about me. I will take good care of this end of the business!" she said, letting his cock slowly slip into the waiting warmth of her mouth.

    Tommy gasped as Helen's lips engulfed his cock, her tongue licking and twirling around the sensitive head. He watched in awe as the spiked dildo slowly sank into the depths of her cunt. With only her natural lubrication to ease its way, Tommy had to literally screw it into her vagina, twisting and pushing the spiked rod with both hands.

    As he worked, he realised what Helen had meant. Each movement of the dildo inside her flesh caused her cry out in pain, the vibrations flowing from her throat into his cock like some crazed sex machine. He soon developed a rhythm that brought him the most enjoyment. Thrust, scream, suck, thrust, scream, suck.

    After all the sadistic games that they had played, Tommy did not take very long to reach the verge of an orgasm. "I'm going to cum soon," he gasped. He felt Helen nod around his impaling cock. She began sucking harder and Tommy's hips began pumping up and down, driving his rod deep into her throat. When he felt the muscles in the base of his cock began the final contractions in preparation to spurting his semen into the mouth of the moaning woman beneath him, Tommy rammed the dildo in with all his strength, forcing it deep into her vagina, hitting Helen's cervix and driving the ring of needles into her cunt.

    Helen screamed in agony as the needles pierced her clitoris and labia. Her high pitched shriek of pain shook Tommy's cock with an intense vibration that triggered an orgasm of such force that it threatened to turn his balls inside out. What felt like a torrent of sperm jetted out into Helen's mouth and throat as he spurted again and again with almost painful intensity. Helen's sobs were the perfect finale as his cock slowly spasmed it's way to a halt. Drained, Tommy collapsed on top of the pain racked woman.
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    Introductory Offer Pt 5

    Chapter Five.

    Half an hour later, they sat cuddling on the couch again, both still recovering from the last event. Helen had a gauze pad soaked in antiseptic pressed to her perforated pussy, but she was still cheerful and affectionate.

    Tommy seemed to be in deep thought.

    "Are you all right?" asked Helen, stroking his limp cock.

    "You said that each of the girls that your company sent worked only once," he said slowly.

    "That's right." replied Helen.

    "The thing is, I would like to see you again," Tommy said, as he ran his hands through Helen's hair. "Do you think they would come to some special arrangement if I paid them more? That is, if you are willing," he added anxiously.

    "I am sure that the other girls would be just as good at nasty sex as I am. Maybe better," Helen said.

    "I don't want other girls. I like you." said Tommy in frustration. "I like you as a person, not just for the sex."

    "You like me, but you would still want to torture me?" asked Helen softly.

    Tommy hung his head. After what he had experienced tonight, he knew that he could not stand going back to plain old missionary position sex, even if that meant losing Helen and he was too honest to lie about it.

    "I'm afraid that would not be possible," said Helen, shaking her head.

    Hearing those words, Tommy felt close to tears. "I... I understand," he replied, disappointment choking his words.

    "I don't think that you do. You see, there is no company," said Helen.

    "Huh?" said Tommy in confusion.

    "I was telling the truth when I said that my company sold you the books and videos, but that is all they sell," admitted Helen. "You see, I fell in love with you the first time that I saw you on the television. You looked so sweet and confused when they handed you the cheque. When I realised that you were the same person that had ordered the S&M material, I knew that I just had to meet you."

    "You mean that the gold card, the special clients ...." Tommy said with a gasp.

    "Uh huh!" replied Helen nodding.

    "Why this rigmarole? Why didn't you just approach me or call or write?" asked Tommy.

    "How?" cried Helen. "You were always surrounded by vultures, you never saw my mail and you never answered the phone!"

    Shocked, Tommy suddenly realised how isolated he had become and how close he had come to never meeting this amazing woman. Hugging her, he said "Stay with me?"

    "Are you sure? My pussy will be pretty useless for a while," Helen said doubtfully.

    Tommy spluttered in protest, trying to find the right answer to her outrageous statement.

    Helen silenced him by the time tested method of pressing her lips to his and thrusting her tongue deep into his mouth. Gurgling happily the couple collapsed onto the well worn couch.

    As they embraced, Helen caught a glimpse of a riding crop that had fallen out of her trusty case and her mind filled with ideas. After all, her bottom and breasts did not have a mark on them and the night was still young!

    The End.

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