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  1. Death

    Death Member

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    In this thread you can interview the person next to reply in the thread. The person who replies will answer the question, and also ask a new question for the next person that wants to reply.

    I'll go first, then... :)

    What's the "strangest" thing you have ever done? What is "strange" is entirely up to interpretation, of course, but that is, what *you* feel is the most strange?

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    Most strange thing.... I fell in love over the internet. Which I thought was pretty strange, mainly because I thought it to be impossible.

    And question for the person below:
    What makes you feel happiest?
    Be it hugs, or a certain kind of food, or going on holiday... anything :)
  3. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    Shit happens :)
    dancing tango with beautiful ladies :)
    question:what is it you can do best?
  4. Death

    Death Member

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    Hey, that's not really a bad thing... well, it's been for me, but yeah, shit happens - it'll go fine next time. :p

    Without a doubt photography. I'm truly an awesome photographer, I'm telling you...

    Question: What's your favourite anime, ever, and why? (No spoilers, though!) If you have to mention two or three, that's fine, but explain why for them all.

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    I dont think it is a bad thing at all

    asking that is like asking a parent to chose their favorite child.
    I'd probably have to put pokemon or fullmetal alchemist as my favorite favorite, purely because it was what Igot into first.
    My friend also draws an anime in which I am a character. So that would have to go on the list too,
    and probably Hellsing,
    But mainly because it was the first one Ki-lan introduced me to ever. and its fairly entertaining.

    Question: How many countries, if any, have you visited and which was your favorite?
  6. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    My current favorite anime is Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt!!

    I've only ever been to spain, and it was lovely ^^

    next question! What was your favorite childhood story?
  7. ki-lan

    ki-lan New Member

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    i started reading a big book of native american myths and legends when i was about 8. i think my favorite was one about the coyote godwas having a dream and woke screaming and his friend asked what was so bad about the dream. and so coyote explains that his penis grew across a road and started having sex with this amazingly hot girl. and his friend is asking "but how can this be a bad dream?" and coyote replies "thats when a herd of horses stampeded down the road." or some such. i was a slightly messed up kid. but i liked that cause it was silly.

    my question is whats your favorite mythological creature?
  8. Nuka

    Nuka Member

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    Vampire easily, though I do also love merpeople, gryfins and dragons.

    Hmm to the one below:

    Where in the world do you live now, and where; if you could, would you move to and why?

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    england, :)
    lovely in many respects but the wrong side of the atlantic for meh.

    i'd like to move to america, or atleast visit often.
    mainly cos thats where ki-lan lives :D
    and i'm going to steal his cat. (i joke, more like borrow long term)
    and because i want to give him cuddles for real :)

    where do you see yourself in 10 years?
  10. Death

    Death Member

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    Dead. Not necessarily a bad thing, at all, though; if I died from a romantic suicide pact with my hopefully future-found true love, then I'd be in the lovely afterlife with her, and we'd be completely happy, together, for eternity, afterwards... however, if I, unfortunately, would prove to never find her in this life, then I'd be dead, anyway, as I really do not want to become old, but in this scenario more because being alone for years, still, would've broken my spirits to the point of me becoming suicidal enough to just end it, for better luck in a new life... but I'm sure it won't end that gloomy, but yeah, anyway, dead is what I'll be... not that death even exists, though, so not in this life, rather...

    Question: What's the weirdest case of synchronicity that you've experienced? (In regards to coincidental/"coincidental" events.)
  11. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

  12. Death

    Death Member

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    My death talk killed the thread. x_x

    ...And it was going so well, until then. >_>;

    I suppose it's rather just been kind of silent, here, recently... :p which was why I started this thread, now... hmm. :|

    EDIT: sillylittlepet, you have 1111 as your post count. That's the best post count.
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    I didn't reply because I couldnt think of a good answer to the question,
    not because of the death talk ^^
    I don't have a problem with it, It's what you want/think so more power to you ^^

    question: (cos we'll try jump start it again)
    best moment of your life so far?
  14. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    I find happiness in boredom
    so happiest moments of my life are when I just sit on the beach or walk in the wood and do nothing
    Would you join the marines? :D :D
  15. ki-lan

    ki-lan New Member

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    i would not join the marines. primarily cause it would take me eons to get in shape enough.
    my question ishow did you first get into BDSM?

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