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    I'm thinking of trying an interrogation scene with my pet, but I'm not sure how to go about it. I need a theme, but I don't want it to feel like blatant roleplaying, no military costumes or shit like that. Also I'm trying to decide on torture ideas, I know plenty but I'm not sure which works best for that scenario... Any ideas?
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    There are a couple of options. You can concoct a fictional scenario (you're a cop, the sub's a prisoner, for example) or you can just do an interrogation without a scenario. The sub needs a piece of info that the dom has to try and extract through torture. If it's a fictional scenario it might be the attack plans of the invading army or whatever (maybe the sub is a captured spy or soldier). If there's no scenario you could try to get the sub's social security number or find out where the sub hid the car keys.

    Interrogation often works well as a contest between dom and sub. The dom has a set amount of time to get the needed info from the sub. If the sub cracks, the dom wins a prize of some sort, while if the sub holds out, the sub wins something. What the prize is obviously depends on how the relationship works, but it might be doing the other's chores for a week, buying the winner a new piece of clothing or computer game, or taking the winner out for a nice dinner. I have a friend who likes to try to get the sub's PIN number on his credit card, and tells the sub that if he gets it, he's gonna leave the sub tied up and go and take some money out from the ATM (I don't think he actually does this, just uses it as a way to give the sub a stake in the game. He announces this after the sub is already tied up and he can go through the sub's wallet.)

    If you play this game regularly, you need to increase the challenge for whichever person tends to win. For example, if the dom tends to win, shave 5 minutes off the duration the next time, so the dom has to work harder; if the sub wins, add 5 minutes. Or restrict the methods the dom can use.

    A while ago I read an interesting article about a dom who did a more classical psychological interrogation scene. Before they played, he gave his sub a list of information that was the only information she was permitted to give to him (full name, address, occupation, etc). Then he started stressing her--making her stand alone in an empty room, blaring loud music at her, hooding her, etc. He alternated stress (which he did wearing a black jumpsuit and ski mask) with more gentle questioning done in street cloths--essentially he did Good Cop/Bad Cop with her. He just kept asking for information, starting with the stuff she was allowed to say, and kept trying to fluster her. After about an hour, she slipped out and started to give him info that was not on the list (she began to elaborate on what she could say--explaining her work duties, for example). Eventually she cracked completely and began confessing to whatever he demanded from her, including completely false and made-up stuff. (So in less than 2 hours, he demonstrated why information gained through torture is unreliable.) He finished the article by saying that it was one of the most intense games he and his sub ever played, and she enjoyed it a great deal, although she needed a lot of aftercare to come down from it.

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