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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by kinki_nikki, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    hey guys and gals

    my sub and I want to do an interrogation scene- I give her some secret then we go out for dinner/movie and when we get back I 'capture' her, restrain her and try to make her tell me

    has anyone else done an interrogation scene or something similar? what worked well and what didn't? what kind of things would you suggest as the "secret"?

    any tips for getting into the character of the interrogator?
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  2. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I like to use an interrogation style scene when im breaking slaves. However on the light side, I'd suggest that you not forget the staples cliches of interrogation scenes. Dark room, hard metal chair, coarse ropes, bright spotlight, etc...

    as for a uniform, you can never co wrong with a fedora and a tan knee-length overcoat.

    be sure to set up a camera or take pics and let us know how it goes.
  3. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    there's some great stuff in the local army/navy surplus shop so that's probably where the uniform will come from
    I shall be filming it, although the tapes will stay with me :p I'll let you know how it goes though

    it's the secret I'm stuck on, something in-character ("the papers will be under the cenotaph at midnight") or something a bit silly/dirty ("it'd turn me on to be made to wear a buttplug to work") ?

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    Well, I was forced to confess a real secret this weekend (see my 'forced confessions' thread) which was a really powerful experience, relying heavily on the humiliation factor.

    I did write a story for my master about an interrogation scene (not sure if I posted it here) but we've never made this a reality. We have, however, played various games with similarities. We like costume and role play, and my master has created several characters which can only be described as truly vile (in a good weay of course ;)). One such character, that I 'met' this weekend, was a debt collector who refused to accept that he had been sent to the wrong address, and continued to push for the money he was owed. I had planned on my own character being timid and absolutely petrified, but instead became very feisty and gave as good as I got. However, despite this, he was still the only one who really had any power, and needless to say I suffered for it ;)

    Good luck, I hope you think of an interesting way to play your own interrogation out, and be sure to give us a detailed account once you're done! :D
  5. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    i saw that... i'm not sure i'm looking for that level of intensity yet, also my sub and I are still only just exploring impact play

    i'd be really interested in seeing an interrogation scene from the sub's perspective, if you'd not mind posting or pmming excerpts that would be awesome

    the interrogator and victims costume i'm still huhming and hahing over. I'm not so sure the fedora/long coat translates well- over here the cultural classic would be nazi/french resistance fighter.

    I've got an ex french military epauletted shirt that i'm feminising, thinking of combining it with boots and old (cos they're gunna get ripped ^_^) parachute pants for her...

    i'm sure i will... i've got some ideas for new stuff that i know she wants to try... i'll be sure to let y'all know how it turns out

    keep the ideas coming!

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    Well, I've just posted the story here, in the stories section. It's really basic, for an interrogation (and probably a bit shit too, to be honest), but I hope you enjoy reading it anyway :)
  7. Nyx

    Nyx Member

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    I am absolutely in love with this idea. I think an interrogation scene would be great to play with.
  8. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    what kind of secrets might you be keeping from the interrogator?
  9. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I've been giving this "Secret" some thought lately, and I've come to one conclusion nikki; If its a secret or a phrase that you give your sub and she's not supposed to tell, then it would take away from the realism of the scene and may actually lessen the effect. I would say try to pry something out of her you've always wanted to know, but have never asked or feel she'd never openly volunteer... a real secret of sorts, or a confession to something. perhaps instead of extracting a secret, maybe you could get a confession to something you know is untrue and that she would never confess to. For example, in another thread SashaLust talks about how she really doesn't like anal. If her master was to use this particular type of scene, and as you said, you'll be recording it, perhaps her master would set out with the intent of getting her to confess that the secretly loves and craves anal sex, and then he could play that clip back for her in the future to add a level of advanced prolonged humiliation to future scenes where hes simply "giving her what she asked for."

    For her sake, I hope my dark mind hasn't given Sasha's husband any ideas... :p
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  10. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    i like the way you think ^_^

    in the original suggestion a number of different secrets were written on cards and the sub picks one so the Dom doesnt actually know which one it is but i like your idea better :p
  11. Nyx

    Nyx Member

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    Sparrow you have, once again, demonstrated your fantastic capacity for evil. :p

    I like the idea of my master asking me something he has always wanted to know but I won't/haven't talked about. It'd have to be a real secret tho, not just something he tells me to say, Otherwise it loses some of the fun.

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    Damn right. It will definitely have more of an impact if it's something real, especially if it's something you are either afraid or ashamed of...
  13. kinki_nikki

    kinki_nikki New Member

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    in many ways honest is more difficult -- she and I were pretty vanilla and pretty innocent before we met, so it'll take some detective-work to find something she'll confess to

    which do ya'll reckon? sparrow's reccomendation: force her to confess to loving something I want, then blackmail her with it, or OLP: try to find a real secret to confess
  14. subspace

    subspace Member

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    Nice to have the sadist back in the room! Feeling better?
  15. vongikking

    vongikking New Member

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    My two cents about:

    My actual sub has a leter tatooed by herself on her wrist, it was a initial of a boyfriend she had when she was a teenager, and every timed I asked her about, she displayed some discomfort and shame about it, not serious or traumatic shame, just the shame of doing something unthiked and impulsive when she was a teenager. Maybe if you are in some dificult you could aim for that, ambarasing things that she'd done wile she was a teenager that now she is ashamed of admiting.

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