Internet yet again in peril, in the form of CISPA (+ petition)

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    Quoted from the newsletter:

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    It is now DAYS AWAY until the voting. Spread around about this to as many as you can, as it well may be too late, soon, otherwise. If you don't do it, then who will? If you are able to, organize non-violent demonstrations in your country - do whatever you can to stop this law.

    Quoted from the newsletter (a new petition also found below - please sign it, too):

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    House has now passed the bill. Here is an article worth reading, regarding it:

    Let's if Obama for once shows some backbone, and indeed does use that veto, or if it is just an empty threat. Alternately, maybe the senate will back down on it, if there is enough pressure from the public, but if that is to happen, demonstrations must be performed. After all, one cannot expect anything from the people's "representatives".
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