International summer camp in Denmark

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    Are you tired of spending your hard earned vacation on insignificant bike rides and unexciting trips to your cat-loving 90-year old aunt? Are you into BDSM or fetish? Do you dream of a whole week of non-stop kink, fulfillment of your innermost desires and naughty fantasies? Do you want to expand your network of young kinksters worldwide and are you between 18 and 35 years old?

    Then you need to get your wonderfully perverted self to Denmark this summer!

    SMug, the youth group of the Danish Association of Sadomasochists “SMil,†is arranging a kinky international camp at SISC ( for one full week. There will be room for 60 people in the dormitories, but it is also possible to bring a tent or a caravan for personal use.

    A stay at SISC is truly an intense and surreal experience, that you will not want to miss for the world. Imagine living on a massive farm that’s fully equipped with everything that your sexy heart could desire and being surrounded by people who are as fun loving, kinky, nastily creative and sexually devious as yourself. No tv, no annoying neighbors, no vanilla people… and lots and lots of time to play, torture, hug, kiss, rape, tie up, trample, talk to, tease, massage and be “nice†to each other in ways that only BDSM people know how to ;)

    The facilities are unique and the possibilities are endless at SISC. You can spend time in one of the many dungeons, have a glass of champagne and look at the stars in the hot tub outside, throw your slave in the brutal hole in the back yard and close the lid, expose your partner in one of the many cages and have a public slave auction, invite naughty schoolboys and girls to the headmaster’s office for six of the best, play doctor in the medical room, be tied up outside for a whipping, experience the pleasures of the harem room or exercise your sub by making him/her pull you around in the sulky while you watch other kinky people playing all around. Your own imagination is your only limit.

    The exact date of the youth week hasn’t been determined yet. However, it will probably take place in either week 27 or 33. The location of the camp is in central Denmark, and can be reached by public transportation or by car. The price for one week will be around 2700kr (362 EURO or 504 USD), which includes a 1 yr membership to SISC, 3 prepared meals a day (as well as desserts, fruit, etc), tea and coffee, sleeping commodities and free access to all camp facilities. It doesn’t get cheaper than that, folks!

    Camp rules:
    1) A no means NO, but it’s always ok to ask
    2) No photography
    3) No use of cell phones on camp. It’s ok outside though.
    4) “Circus†is the universal safeword on camp and it MUST be respected. Otherwise you will be submitted to death and castration.
    5) English is the camp language. All participants will bear this in mind, in order to promote communication and international bonding.
    6) Discretion! What happens on camp, stays on camp.

    For more information, write us an e-mail at: or visit our website at
  2. Death

    Death Member

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    Um, the summer is kind of over for a while, now. Not that I'm interested or anything... doesn't really seem like the ideal place for me to find my true love and innocent little girl.
  3. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    Sounds fun! But expensive... (also, what am I going to tell my family I'm doing in Denmark for like two weeks?!)

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    @Death: This summer's camps have already taken place. I am, however, speaking of next summer - although I can see that I have not managed to express myself clearly on that matter ;)

    You're right though... You won't find many virgins there.

    @sillylittlepet: The expensive thing will be travelling to Denmark. I know that 500 dollars sounds like a lot, but it's a full 7 days of heavenly perversion. Just think how much one single night at a fetish or play party normally costs. We have our own cook, who prepares the meals. You don't have to pull out your wallet while you're at the camp at all unless you want a glass of wine with your dinner etc.

    You'll get your own divided space in the dorms and free access to all facilities... school room, medical room, prison cells, 3 different dungeons, "monk" cell, hot tub, large outdoors area, hot tub... I could go on ;) It is well worth the costs - and SISC is non commercial. The money only goes to maintenance and paying the rent.
  5. Death

    Death Member

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    You could tell them that you're going to Legoland. :p Two weeks at Legoland may seem a bit excessive, though.... hmm...

    EDIT: Actually seems it was a week. Maybe a mere week on Legoland may not seem as unlikely. ;)
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  6. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    There's a legoland in Denmark? Man, I'm not 8 years old lol

    @Diable: wouldnt a plane ticket to denmark be a lot more than $500? I mean, I could barely fly to New York for $500, let alone europe
  7. Death

    Death Member

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    Yep, there's a Legoland theme park there. Actually I don't think it's just for children. Anyway, I was just joking. :B Maybe you could tell them that you've been interested in learning how to bake Danish pastries... or maybe not. Sorry, I'm afraid I'm out of ideas...

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    Or you could just say you wanted a holiday there, wanted to see the place...?
  9. sillylittlepet

    sillylittlepet Active Member

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    I think these excuses will make a lot more sense in about 5 years when I'm a fully independent adult

    Thanks for trying everyone <3 <3 <3

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