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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by TerribleT, Nov 26, 2011.

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    My wife, who is the dominant partner, and who is still working through a lot of sexual inhibition, has told me that she wants me in latex.
    I have no experience in latex or Zentai fetish and since I feel this is a true break through, I'd like to nurture it as carefully and with as much understanding as possible. I have no hangups whatsoever exploring this with her.

    She saw the gummi suit on "American Horror Story" and was aroused by the sex scene.

    I think this is great! Im very happy that she is able to express these things to me now, without feeling like she's having "dirty thoughts" or something.

    Of course, I have questions. What's turning her on? Is it the actual latex? The shininess? Is it the mask? Is it the hiding of human features? Would a Zentai suit serve the same function?

    My main concern is, of course, fitting into one of these dam things! Why couldn't she fantasize about me as a WWF wrestler?!:confused: Or Paul Bunyan!? I'm 215lb, I have 17" biceps and I'm only 5'8"
    Nah!! I'm excited. I just have a few trepidations since it's something completely unknown to me.

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    No worries, the suit's are very skin tight and stretch.. Hence your wife's interest in it.. The texture is quite unique when hugging the human figure! LOL
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    Yup, I'm shopping now. Seems that several vendors will custom taylor the suits at no extra cost. As a matter of fact, the service is encouraged.
    It would seem prudent for me since the standard sizes are waifish!

    I more resemble this guy....who, believe it or not, was a friend of my Dads!:)

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