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    Last night I had one of the most intense sexual experiences of my life, I experienced some of the worst pain in my entire life and was left feeling drained, sore and used and I loved every moment of it.

    I suppose I should start at the beginning. I arrived at my sub/mistress's house in the early evening, upon my arrival I was told very sternly that tonight I was going to submit and that she was going push me to my limits. I was a little nervous but more than anything excited, my sub/mistress has 11 years experience as both a dominant and a submissive, and was also briefly a professional dominatrix, so when she says she means business she means business.

    But first she said she was going to warm me up, this included our usual games her putting toys in my ass, worshiping her feet with my mouth, some mild pain in the form of a spanking and a few light slaps to the face and my personal favorite eating her pussy with my arms tied behind my back. after a while of this I thought she had either forgotten or discarded her plans for pushing my limits needless to say she hadn't. After making her cum with my oral stimulation she collared me and gave me a safe word then led me up the stairs on my hands and knees to her bedroom, sitting there on the bed were several lengths of rope, a flogger, a riding crop, a butt plug, a strap on, a large wand vibrator and bottle of lubricant.

    First she plugged my ass then tied my arms behind my back in a unfamiliar and rather uncomfortable way, she tied another length of rope around the rope holding my arms together and threaded it through one of the loops she has on ceiling, she then proceeded to bind my legs together. by this point I was no longer excited and just plain nervous I knew it was going to be painful. she started by giving a few a test tugs on the rope to gauge my reaction, it was rather uncomfortable but not incredibly painful, the next tug was not a test and hurt quite a bit and caused me a led out a grunt in reply to my grunt she said something along the lines of "What that hurt that's nothing compared to what you have coming bitch" I find it rather arousing when she talks dirty to me and in combination with the plug, I got an erection with she proceeded to give a few taps with her riding crop, when I first started switching with her she would try to whack my erections into submission but she learned quickly that a 19 years old's erections do not go away easily, so now all I get is a few taps. At this point I didn't think it was so bad a tad painful but nothing I couldn't handle, I think she must have sensed this thought as just then she pulled the rope further than before and tied it off on the steel bar next to her bed.

    Now this was pain my shoulders were on fire and my legs were about to buckle, if I was with a inexperienced dom this is were I would have used the safe word out of fear of being done some real damage, but I had all the confidence in her a ability's as she practices suspension bondage with her female submissive on regular basis. after this point things become a little blurry I remember being in the position for what seams like hours but she tells me it was more like 30 minuets I remember her taking me with the strap-on and being slapped in the face while she used the vibrator, I can't remember being flogged that much but judging from the marks on my legs, back and ass cheeks she really went to town. It only really gets clear again after she let me down and untied me.

    I was laying on the bed on my side in a state of what I can only describe as shock my legs and ass stung but my back and shoulders were on fire. I was in pain and felt used yet I was buzzing with adrenalin and had a huge hard on, she noticed this and rewarded me with a blowjob and by riding me until I came. After this I was exhausted but filled with a great sense of pleasure. I was very sore when I woke up this morning and still am my muscles were knotted and painful and even after an expert massage from one of my roommate earlier this evening they still hurt as I am typing this.

    Although this was by far my most painful sexual experience it was one of my best and I wanted to share it with all of you.
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    Thanks for sharing. I broke it into paragraphs so it might be easier for others to read, I hope you don't mind.
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    I don't mind thank you I keep forgetting to use paragraphs.
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    That sounds like a wonderful adventure!

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