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    I’m not normally a jealous person, but the idea of sharing a guy with another woman definitely brings out that side in me ….BUT sharing with a man doesn’t, it just turns me on!

    I’m wondering if it’s because of a fantasy I have of two men being together (I do not have to be participating) is the reason why I don’t have a negative reaction.

    I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this for a while, and would really appreciate other people’s insight.

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    So some people might say it's because of biological stuff and what not. Another woman is competition. I don't really agree with that it's biological per se, but that might be the case.

    Also, I think if one thing is erotic or sexually pleasing to you, and you attach it to something that's not (or even something that you find adversive), it can become pleasurable over time. My guess is that seeing other men together is arousing to you, therefore it makes sharing your man with a man slightly arousing and not as bad as sharing him with a woman, which has no pleasureable feelings for you.

    No one can really know better about what goes on in your mind than you. I am REALLY jealous myself and could not stand seeing even a man with my boyfriend, but it's a little less intimidating than a woman. Then my claws come out. LOL.
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  3. JettOnly

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    Ahh yes this isnt the cind of chats I would want to have with my friends - even tho I know quite alot of them are in the scene (and they dont know i am)

    I think sometimes you can try and overthink some things. It makes you how, it dosent make you hot
    I gave up trying to figure out what is going on in my head - and in the cold light of being not turned on the next day I try and not stress about the reasons why things and ideas felt good when I was hot

    Most important to know what you like and what you dont like (and realise that they can change over time, but they are what they are now)

    Personaly I dont share
    and the idea of trying to set something up, talking about it and stuff makes me cold

    But if I was really turned on and someone happend to walk in I would have no problems what so ever :)

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    Yeah, yeah! What Jett said!

    If I think too hard about what I like when I'm turned on, it sometimes will make me feel sick to my stomach.
  5. TerribleT

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    My wife has said before, that she would get off seeing me suck a dick or take it in the pooper.
    She's fierce about other women though.

    I have a feeling, it's not an uncommon fantasy.
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    The two guys thing plays havoc with normal American rules about masculinity, so it turns up a lot among kinksters, even if they're basically straight. If your man is your sub, watching him with another guys (forced bi) might be a form of humiliation ('look at the tough guy sucking cock! What a pussy!'). It might be about control ('I want this, boy, so you have to do it. I like the idea of you performing for me'). It might be about making him vulnerable ('You need to drop your protections and be vulnerable to another man, honey'). It might be about competition and strength('I want to see if you can pin him down and make him suck you'). It might be about empathy or equality ('I want you to know what it feels like when you fuck my ass'). It might be about breaking taboos ('Guys aren't supposed to suck cock, so I want you to do it'). It might even be about pain play ('It's gonna hurt when that cock goes up your ass').
  7. dozuki

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    I know its probably not just me but is it odd that just reading Sebastians analysis of the situation really turned me on. Just reading about it wants me to be on the receiving end of that treatment and I consider myself straight and have never had any sexual contact with another man. Maybe it's just my sub side coming out.
    edit. I take that back I did have sex with a woman while her husband watched and it was possible that he might participate even though he never did.
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  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

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    Dozuki: It's not odd. I'm just that good. ;)
  9. dozuki

    dozuki Member

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    Yes you are. I have to take my hat (or whatever) off to you good is good.

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    My wife/Mistress is looking to take me to a Pro Domme in the near future to watch me be tortured and humiliated, so I'm a lucky guy :) There would be nothing sexual other than me touching myself possibly. We can't wait!

    She's debated the idea of having other male subs in a non-sexual sense. The idea of her torturing another man turns me on greatly. The reason she's hesitant is because we both agree that most men are gross, haha.

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