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    I've been experimenting with my new mistress pinupbabe.
    I've come clean to her that I'll let her push my limits..
    She's very understanding of my needs as a submissive. She asked me to come clean about my fantasies and limits.
    Ever since I was 14 I knew that I would like to be a sub to a man and mistress. She's never seen me with another man but I've aranged to have my friend/dom present when she comes back.
    Mistress will watch me take my time giving my friend the longest blow job, my mistress calls me a cocksucker while I do it...

    This part we can share with smplace. I've always been insatiable analy, toys, large anal beads, and my fist. Nothing beats being on my back, with a blindfold, restraints and multiple toys for her to make me cry. My favorite is an is an inflatable dildo that I have in me as per our agreement.

    We would love to send pics or videos of our play session... if there is a particular toy you'd like for us to use then please feel free to ask.
  2. Nuka

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    Sounds like an interesting way of seeing into someone else's private time. I guess you could just post to here and keep it updated in this thread, like a diary. I'm sure someone will want to read it.
  3. JettOnly

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    I will be watching
  4. dozuki

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    I will be watching also and am looking forward to updates.

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