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    Hey Guys and dolls, I'm not sure if this belongs here or in the safety section, but I thought it would be a safe bet starting it here. The reason I'm starting this is to see if anyone else has similar issues to mine.

    Two or three years ago, I was involved in two separate, very serious horseback riding accidents. The first resulted in a fractured left hip, a multitude of hematomas on the entire left side of my body. It also left me extremely inflexible and now, three years later, it constantly aches and is occasionally acutely painful, limiting my mobility and even posture (sitting cross-legged or "indian-style", or any type of splayed position) at times. A year after that, I was on the same horse (yes, I know, brilliant), and experienced the same type of fall, resulting in a displaced hip on my right side. This one has given me far less long-term grief, but still causes issues from time to time.

    Anyway, my point is that these injuries and long-term "disabilities" for lack of a better word, have caused me issues regarding both self-bondage positions (extreme difficulty holding certain positions for any extended period of time), and basically feeling like damaged goods. Due to this pain, I get regular cortisone injections (OUCH! :( ), but my physical activity has had to be limited, resulting in weight gain from a decrease in movement, which is always phenomenal for self-esteem, eh?

    Has anyone else sustained inhibiting injuries that effect you in the same sort of way? If so, I would love to hear from you (or of course anyone else who wishes to contribute :D)

  2. AfterDark

    AfterDark New Member

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    I’ve been there, this past summer I got thrown off and trampled by one of our draft horses. I spent a night in the hospital and was sent home with broken ribs, a concussion, and a dislocated jaw.

    About a month later our Tennessee Walker tried to kick our pony but got my wife square in the stomach knocking her back a good 6 feet onto the concrete. Resulting in a bruised liver/spleen and a sprained wrist.

    We both found doing a BDSM scene much more difficult. We also found any position can be made humiliating or submissive and we actually found quite a few that we liked. Find which pose you are comfy in and let a creative master take it from there. We bought a cheapo air mattress, and a few $10 body pillows to put down on the floor and and it helped quite a bit. If one of us started to hurt we had to lighten up or change positions and that's just that. Injuries are part of life and any master or sub should be understanding to that, anyone creative enough should still be able to have fun.

    As for the weight gain, the age old adage holds true. Diet and exercise are the only real way to lose weight. Eat healthy and walk, or bike. Low impact aerobics are good for people with injuries, and though science doesn’t support most of the claims that Yoga makes. It is shown to greatly improve one’s flexibility over time, just like holding a stretching pose for up to 30 seconds. Starting slow is key! If you can only walk for 1 minute, then walk for 1 minute, thats better than nothing at all.

    If you can, talk to your Doc about physical therapy. Not just any kind but something like sports medicine rehabilitation. Those people are pros and deal with getting athletes and normal people back to a healthy weight and a normal range of motion with reduced or eliminated pain.

    Hope that helps
  3. GreyMac

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    AfterDark covered most of the bases. The only thing I'd add to good diet, professional advice and stretching is swimming if you can get to a YMCA/YWCA. They almost always have indoor pools, are pretty inexpensive in terms of membership and there is no better form of low/no impact exercise than swimming. AND it works the entire body with special emphasis on the hips and legs.

    Most 'Y's' will even have a person on staff who will help with a structured exercise program or classes specifically for flexibility. You may be with a bunch of older people but your hips won't care. :D

    Most people with chronic pain find it subsides after about 18 months of exercise. I broke my back in a motorcycle crash on a racetrack many years ago, and the absolute worst thing to do is allow the injury/pain to take over your life. Inactivity and weight gain are very hard on the lower back and upper legs. It will gradually grow ever more restrictive of your movements until it owns you. I'm not saying this to preach at you, but because I've been there too.

    Get professional help and treatment, you're quite young, no matter how hard recovery is, it's easier now than it will be in 10 years.

    Good luck. :)
  4. AfterDark

    AfterDark New Member

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    Greymac, yes I totally left that out. Swimming is probably one of the best things one can do to recover from just about anything. By the way, I love your signature!! :D

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    My case doesn't involve injuries exactly, but I'll share it anyway.

    Around 6 years ago, I had a job working at a nursing home for the elderly. A lot of our clients were quite heavy, and because I have only a slight build, it was a job to lift them, even though we always worked in pairs, into the manual lifting hoist (now that would make an interesting toy! ;))

    I was only in the job for 3 or 4 months, but by the time I had finished there, I was finding myself in agony quite regularly, in my back and shoulders, and this has been a problem to me ever since. Add to that the fact that I've had arthritic knees since I was at least 4 years old (is arthritis hereditary, does anyone know? :confused:) and this sometimes makes bondage a problem, whether that be the bondage position of choice, or the amount of time spent in bondage :(

    I am disappointed about this, but trying not to let it hold me back, but luckily my master is fully aware of my problems, and takes this into account when binding me; while I am tied, he will 'slip out of character' for a moment, to enquire as to whether or not I am in pain. And if I am, which does happen on occasion, he will unfasten me right away, so that I can do whatever I need to do to ease/get rid of the pain.
  6. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    left hand is broken and cutted in lot's of places (car crash) yes and i have broken 3 fingers and the bone upper then ribs (in front of shoulder...i don't know how it's called...) well it's painful sometimes to use it and i can't use 2 of 3 fingers XD sucks for me
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  7. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

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    I can surely relate to this topic. I have been taken apart and put back together more times then i care to count, and have had an ongoing battle with my own stubborn nature, and the fact i let no one, least of all doctors, tell me there's something i cant do. They said I'd never walk again, i walked, they said I'd never run again, i ran. they said I'd never have kids, and i do. The mind is a very complex organ, and the drive of mind over body can keep you going long after modern science says you shouldnt.

    The power to overcome is within you. As far as weight gain goes, remember, its not only about activities, its about intake. eat more ketabolic foods, decrease calorie intake, and do activites that you can that burn calories.if you burn more calories then you eat, then your going to lose weight regardless.

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    Sorry guys, I'd forgotten entirely that I'd started this thread. I know the mechanics of weight loss (which I must admit was just an offhanded comment, not the point of the thread, but thank you all for the well-meaning advice), it's just incredibly difficult as a university student, not that I should really use that as an excuse.
  9. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

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    InnocentFacade, I did not mean to sound as though I was giving you advice to trim down. I've never even seen you, I'm sure you are a lovely woman.

    When I was much younger, I had the good fortune to be able to earn a moderately decent living as a professional motorcyle roadracer. After getting a national ranking, I grew ever bolder and more confident until I was riding at a pace that indicated I had a good chance at playing with the big kids and making a much more than moderate living. In my last professional race, I crashed and broke my back. Being 20 years old and having been through many, many crashes previously without anything more serious than a few bruises, I tried to come back too soon. I did not train and ignored the advice of doctors and therapists to exercise, stretch and restore flexability. This complicated my return to racing (and, more importantly, compromised my ability to go fast) and by the time I got back in shape, no one was interested in sponsoring me anymore.

    I was simply saying that getting physical therapy would help you to try and get back as much joint mobility as possible. I only mentioned weight because if you're not exercising, it can be such a limiting factor in regaining full range of motion.

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    I'm sorry . . . I have a tendency to sound . . . frankly, like a bitch, in writing . . . I really didn't mean to be rude, I'm just somewhat of an awkward person :/ Thank you for sharing, Grey
  11. master jey

    master jey Moderator

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    don't eat mcdonalds and e.t.c. food only eat helathy home made food don't eat after 6,buy yourself gantels weights 6 kg will be norm and as grey said do some swimming (and start smoking one cigarette a day will make you'r weight loss faster) and yes don't train 1 hours after you ate foot and don't eat 2 hours after you trained i'm mycelf sportsman and this is what i advised my friend with weight gain problems hi was 130 kg and now after 4 month's he's 90 kg of muscles :) think bout your body after some training and weight loss you'll start filling yourself on 1000000$s

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