Infernal Restraint------DiaZerva

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    Infernal Restraint------DiaZerva


    Description :

    The designs from PD’s mind produce the most twisted implements of torture. dia gets to experience firsthand how wicked they can be. The chair she is shackled into has hundreds of painful spikes and her tits are sandwiched between two solid steel bars. Held down that tightly this bitch is defenseless against anything PD can come up with. her cunt, for example, has to endure a beating from all kinds of implements. Even when the hitting stops, the pain does. When PD forces dia’s orgasms they come fast and strong, enough to make her scream.

    When PD is done fucking with her body he retires his pet slut to the barn. she can relax on a bed of hay for a while, but when PD comes calling she better be awake and ready to serve again. His dick needs sucking and dia knows there will be hell to pay if she isn’t up to the task. she is an experienced cock-whore who knows how to get the job done. Once PD is satisfied with her performance he gives her a reward in the form of another orgasm. This one is so good it leaves her slumbering soundly until he’s ready for more.

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