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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Dreamer5083, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Dreamer5083

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    Hello all,

    My partner and I have begun to explore our D/s relationship over the past several weeks. It wasn't until recently that we realized our desires matched up, and so we have taken on the roles as me being dom and he as sub in intimacy.

    Recently for our one year anniversary I purchased a beginner collar and leash, which has really upped our personal time.

    I want to begin exploring further now. It's rare that he is defiant, though I for those times I would like some ideas for softer punishment ((since he is rarely defiant)).
    We're big on sensation play. I've learned he enjoys bondage quite a bit, and light biting and slight discomfort accompanying pleasure.

    The biggest thing: Does anyone have any ideas for some fun scenarios for beginners in D/s relationships? I would love to hear some examples in detail that others have done. Any and all ideas are welcome :).

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    Hi Dreamer,
    Welcome to the board.

    In this thread I posted a fairly detailed description of an interrogation scene I used to use when I was a Dom many years ago. It had a number of advantages.

    • It gives both the sub and the Dom practice in roleplay with a very clearly stereotyped scene. I'm sure we've all watched a spy movie where there has been an interrogation - and if you're looking for truly menacing inspiration try the dentist scene from Marathon Man :)
    • The sub has a lot of control over this scene. By simply giving out the hiding places one by one they can earn a break, or completely stop the scene.

    • You mentioned your sub is rarely defiant. The interrogation scene gives him "permission" to be defiant in a controlled way.

    • The Dom can easily change the degree of pain if it's obvious that the sub is enjoying it too much. It sounds like you are just getting into the pain side of things, and so bondage combined with some tickling might be a perfect interrogation technique. The repetition, and the fact that he is totally helpless to stop you will intensify the experience.

    • It's really easy to ramp up pain if you find that he is resisting the tickling. Use the rubber bands as I suggested in the other post. Use a barbeque skewer, or if you want to try impact play you can try a ruler, or a slipper.

    I think roleplay scenes are a lot of fun...but they do require a suspension of belief and that each party slips into character. That's not always a natural thing for us to do unless we are experienced actors. So a strong scene like an interrogation is ideal because we both know what we are supposed to be doing.

    Have fun!

  3. BrionLyaila

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    One scenario that a lot of men like is to be dominated by a school teacher, (or if the girl is being dominated then it's by the principle). This is pretty easy to act out to and fun to get into character.

    You can start off multiple ways. You could catch him masturbating to a picture in his desk while you're trying to teach. If you're into control you could then tie him up for being naughty and tell him he can't be released until you are satisfied that he has learned the lesson. You can have him write it out on paper ("I will not masturbate in class") multiple times, or you could have him spell it out with his tongue in your pussy.

    Or you could write out a test for him and punish him or reward him for right or wrong answers. You could also do that verbally that way the punishment/reward happens right after the answer. The subject could be something intellectual (like normal school subjects) or it could be questions about you and what you like. You can use a ruler for pain play, or a paper clip to poke at him with. Use objects that are related to the theme to keep both of you excited and in character. You can tell him that since he seems to be so interested in sex he has to make you cum a set number of times and then you will think about pleasuring his member.

    My favorite scenario: I'm a female sub, so tailor this to your needs. Just figured I'd give you something very specific.

    I'm a student at an all girl's catholic school. All of the students get bi-monthly examinations to make sure that they are still virgins.The exams are done by the principle

    My teacher is administering a test and I'm not paying attention to the fact that all the other students are now silent and they can all hear my toy. The teacher sends me to the principles office to be punished. I get into the office and sit down. The principle asks me why I am there, I tell him. He says that unless I want my parents to know about my habits he is going to give me a special punishment that I am not allowed to tell to anyone. He walks around behind my chair and slowly reaches his hand down my blouse. I freak out and try to stand up but he pushes me down and reminds me that he can call my parents and expel me. He continues to fondle my breast, then pulls me by my hair and pushes me down onto his desk. He goes to finger my clit and realizes that I'm not wearing any panties. He says that now my punishment will have to be more severe. He calls in a friend of his and orders me to suck his dick. My principle continues to finger my clit. Then I hear his pants unzip, I can feel his hard cock rubbing up and down my pussy, then he pushes into me and fucks me hard. Telling me that I like that, I'm a dirty slut who likes to be fucked by her principle. He tells me that if I don't cum he is going to fuck me in the ass, hard. So I cum, and he says don't worry about the virgin exams, he'll lie as long as I come in everyday for my punishment.

    That may have been to specific for you, but I hope you can tailor it and it gives you some ideas. :)

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    That's a great fantasy situation!

    And let's not forget that before a couple embarks upon a roleplay like this there needs to have been a discussion between them along the lines of "what sort of fantasy would turn you on?".

    You can make this fantasy disclosure a fantasy in its own right.

    Make the sub sit at a desk or kitchen table and write out their fantasy (or more than one). The Dom or Domme paces around them, leaning over their shoulder and reading what they've written.

    You can take this in a couple of different directions. Since many new Doms struggle with verbal abuse, this is a great way to practice...

    "What? You fantasize about wearing an anal vibrator when we're out at a restaurant? That's the most disgusting and degrading thing I ever should be ashamed of yourself." Etc.

    If you want to take it in a punishment direction then the fantasy disclosure gives you the perfect excuse. My advice for punishment is something mild (like a school ruler on the backside), but which can be repeated later as more and more "disgusting details" of the fantasy emerge.

  5. BrionLyaila

    BrionLyaila New Member

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    Oh? I like that idea, adding on to the naughty school thing while learning what pushes your partners buttons in a good way... I like that a lot.

    For a new sub, releasing full disclosure of your fantasies can be quite intimidating. I know that I have a lot of fantasies until recently I did not tell any one (such as wanting to be raped). That could be humiliating in and of itself, especially with a Dom/me pacing around making impatient noises and criticizing my fantasies...then making them come true. That would be fantastic.

    It would also make it easier to learn things about your partner without having to sit down and talk about it in a non-sexual setting (which I always find makes me horny and I want it then and there, but we can't)

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