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Discussion in 'BDSM and Fetish personals' started by LadyX, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    I'm 21, Asian, and have a sadistic streak I want to explore.
    I want a male slave who needs to be dominated on a psychological level.
    You must be intelligent, strong, and willing to be mindfucked.

  2. Footslave91

    Footslave91 New Member

    Sounds sexy. PM me?
  3. lop1

    lop1 New Member

    It would be an honor to serve you and be under your command, PM me?
  4. juniorgman

    juniorgman New Member

    Take me please!

    Oh, you sound perfect.
    I am up for anything, I want total abuse, I am ready to serve, I will worship you...
    I await instructions.
  5. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    If you want to serve me, you need to learn how to take the initiative. Why should I pm you?

    For those who have been good boys and messaged me, I have given you a few moments of my precious time and replied you all.

    Being good is always rewarded.
  6. juniorgman

    juniorgman New Member

    Lady X,
    I replied to this thread instead of PM'ing you.
    I hereby publicly apologise for my stupidity.
    I have PM'ed you as per your instructions.
  7. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    Good boy. You have pleased me.. But just fractionally.

    Others who think they are worthy would do well to learn from this one.
  8. Footslave91

    Footslave91 New Member

    I have also altered my way to better suit you. I apologize for my terrible wrongdoing.
  9. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    Footslave91: Your apology lacks conviction.
    I am not satisfied.

    All others: I Will consider only those who are willing to completely submit. Perhaps I have not made myself completely clear. I am not a mistress who will tolerate any disrespect, however slight. If you think you are worthy, you should know what to do.

  10. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    An update.

    I have received many applications from subs wishing to be my slave. Some have pleased me and some have proved quite useless.

    It seems I need to clarify:

    I only want true submissives. Arrogant cocky males do not bring me pleasure, neither do weak and mindless slaves. I require intelligent men with strong character who take pleasure in pleasing a Mistress.

    Include in your PM the reasons why you want to serve me.

    Lady X
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2012
  11. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    Note: I do not take on married subs.
  12. Glenn

    Glenn New Member

    sounds good, I want in, pm me please
  13. LadyX

    LadyX New Member

    Private messaging on this website is quite limited, and the inbox fills too quickly.

    Subs who want to beg for a chance to be my slave,

    Email me at lady.xael@gmail.com .
    And I DO mean beg.

    Lady X

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