Ideas to humiliate my girlfriend?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by kimjongill, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. kimjongill

    kimjongill New Member

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    Hey I was wondering if anybody has some humiliating punishments I could use on my gf.

    She does whatever I say so I like to do things she doesn't like especially when she loses bets or something. All my ideas so far involve spanking because she always signs or grunts when she knows it's coming and complains doesn't like it.

    Things I do are make her get naked and then beg for the spanking.
    make her go get a belt then ask her what is about to happen with it.
    stuff her panties in her mouth or make her count the slaps.

    any other ideas? spanking related or not spanking just seems to work the best.
  2. meena71

    meena71 Active Member

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    having sex outdoor
    having anal sex while she is doing some work etc....
  3. max-egypt

    max-egypt New Member

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    dude you got her asshole ! come on use it
    use anal beads with fast way for punishment or slowly for satisfaction
    pump in it some cream
    and if she is more flexible make to her a forced deepthroat
  4. VladHarkonnen

    VladHarkonnen New Member

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    If she wants sex or when you want it, have her present herself to you in some degrading way. My personal favorite is to have her come to me, turn her back to me. Get on her knees and put her face on the floor, outstretch her arms with her palms facing upward. You can leave her in that position for a bit...perhaps play with her presented pussy and ass...up to you. Well...I'm guessing you know what to do from there.
  5. Shepherd1

    Shepherd1 New Member

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    My best advice would be to find exactly what she wants (what pleasures her) and do the exact opposite. I have found that my sub is upset that she can't fully please my obbesssion with deep throat. She can't take me all the way in. So if I wanted to punish her... I would set her in the right mood and begin to make her deep throat. All the while reminding her of her inability to perform as needed. Telling her that my last GF could take me down no problem and such. This could be used both ways though. If I wanted to discipline (pleasure) instead of punish (correction) I would encourage her that she's doing wonderfully.

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