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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Sexy Panda, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. Sexy Panda

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    So my boyfriend and I have just got started in the whole master/slave thing. He's completely new to it, and I have had a little experience, though admittedly not much. He is the dom and i am his sub. When we see each other in person I feel as though he's not strict enough, and webcam he doesn't have any ideas, and I can't think of any. Also, I thought it would be cool to do some stuff publicly, but secretly. Anyone have any ideas? We're open to anything at the moment. I'm desperate.
  2. sebastian

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    Ask him to give you a set of daily protocols for you to follow whether or not you are together. For example, I expect any boy of mine to send me a message at least once a day, by text or email. He could require a message at a set time. He could require you to email him a new fantasy every day. He could require you to send him a sexy pic of you each day.

    Ask him for protocols whenever you're together. My boy opens doors for me, carrying my packages, and so on. Whenever we are separated (for example, if he goes to work), when we get back together he kneels and kisses my feet. He has a set phrase he uses to greet me when we are in private. I order for him when we are out a meals. Your master could dictate what you wear (or give you guidelines for what to wear). He could require you to do specific domestic chores, cook him a particular meal, or act as a servant when he watches football. Don't think of it just as kinky sexual slavery--think about the ways that you as a servant could make his life more enjoyable, more easy, and so on.

    And don't try to do it all at once. Develop a protocol or two, learn them well and then add something new.
  3. Sexy Panda

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    That sounds like a good way to do things....
  4. spankingyourbuttt

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  5. Don_of_Iniquity

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    Ask for daily instructions, establish routines, and follow His instructions on cam.
  6. Andre

    Andre New Member

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    As for getting ideas, I recommend reading books that make you two hot. But don't take everything as gospel. As long as it isn't a dangerous activity, you can adjust things anyway you two want. Still, great for getting ideas. Kinda like the stuff you see on the runway is usually pretty outlandish, but what ends up in the department stores is more reasonable.

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