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    I thought of a possible punishment for my pet, but I'm not sure if it's too severe. Would making her sit in ice water for a short time be too cruel? I don't want to cross the line into abuse, but I know it would definitely make her squirm. I know it's not necessarily dangerous per say, but I thought I'd put it in this section anyway just in case.
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    Done for a brief time, it's probably not dangerous to her health, assuming she's healthy. But I think you can probably find better options.
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    A full ice bath isn't that dangerous, but she must be able to get out on her own. Please look up hypothermia and it's implications before doing this.

    Also, chilling the body tends to turn off the immune system. If she has any germs in her, they're gonna take hold. That's why many folks who get a real chill, wind up with a cold where they otherwise might not.

    Horny and cold don't usually go together... I'm just sayin.

    Here's a suggestion. Instead of a full bath, make it a shallow one, and bathe her in it. Soap her up and rinse her off with the cold water. The cold will still be cold but it will be more sensation instead of bone chill. You can take a large cup or small bucket and "baste" her with the cold water also. I guarantee you she will not like it.

    Make sure you have plenty of ice. Her body will heat up the water pretty fast without it.

    Don't make this last too long, perceived cruelty and actual cruelty ride pretty close together. And remember to know the difference between hurt and harm.

    Hope this helps.
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    Yeah I wasn't actually planning on submerging her whole body in it, buying a clunky water basin isn't exactly practical in my apartment. I do have a small washing container that's good enough for a body part. The reason I ask it is cuz I saw some porn recently where a domme was dunking her slave's head into a wash basin of ice water and it looked kind of interesting, even thought it did seem exaggerated lol. Now I probably wouldn't go so far as a head dunk, but her tits seem like fair game, she HATES when they get cold. I do know to be careful to avoid frostbite or anything like that though, so maybe a minute at the very most. But now that you both say there's better options I think you may be right. I'm just trying to come up with original ideas to go along with the tried and true.
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    disciple012005-re:iced bath

    You would need to ensure she was in good health with no heart condition etc.especially if she is to be plunged in.
    If she is allowed time to lower herself gradually with the encouragement of some other sanction she fears more if she is not fully in in say 5 minutes, allowing her time to adapt is safer as there is no sudden shock and in my view is actually more punishing.
    Another safer alternative is to get her into a bath full of tepid water and then pour ice cubes around her. Alternatively you could but her in a shower with the water set to the minimum threshold.
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    If you were to submerge her full body in the water, make sure you do so very controlled and slowly. A fast change of temperate puts tremendous amount of strain on the heart, and a lot of perfectly healthy people suffer heart attacks when diving into cold water, jumping out of the snow into an outdoor hot tub etc. I think a better idea would be to put her in a bath of coolish water, but not uncomfortably cool, and then slowly pour ice cubes in - get some of the bags of ice from the supermarket. Make her count each one even!
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    This is all very good advice. She doesn't have heart problems fortunately that we know of, we've been together for 5 years and we've never run into that problem. I like the idea of a cold shower though, maybe handcuffing or leashing her to the railing (I live in an apartment for people with disabilities so railings were built into my shower.) would be good too. Plus the shower head is removable so I can point it at specific areas.
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