"i want you to orgasm there"

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by thebunnie, Aug 16, 2009.

  1. thebunnie

    thebunnie New Member

    i want some sexual dares (or requests)
    my master wants me to orgasm a different way every time
    please "dare" me to orgasm a certain way. you may include where these should be taking place (public places like a dressing room or resteraunt are accepted), but make sure to include what i should be using to bring myself to orgasm (only a banana, a vibrator and a golf ball, etc).
    any "ideas" that involve nipples are welcome, as long as they involve the actual dare.

    thank you
    (responses preferred through pm)
  2. wabbits

    wabbits New Member

    i think with a rope pulled tight around your neck so when you are standing i want to see you on your tip toes, Fingers jammed on your pussy with the words in lipstick on your chest saying slut and i eat strangers cum.
    And send me pictures. ....... to hard for you
  3. monocrome

    monocrome Member

    rope around neck whilst on tip toes sounds dangerous

    just sayin'
  4. The_Master221

    The_Master221 New Member

    every night for a week, masturbate in front of an open window, make sure people can see you, when they do, ask them which hole they'd like to fuck more. let them watch. tease them relentlessly, charge ten bucks per orgasm.
  5. J zero

    J zero Member

    i laughed :D

    hmm, i dare you to go to a movie theatre, watch a movie, and masturbate during the movie, and time your orgasm to a loud point in the movie to mask your moans of pleasure. Use your fingers or any object you happen to have at the time. And leave the mess on the seat for someone else to try and figure out what it is.
  6. monocrome

    monocrome Member

    i have so tried not to reply to this... i have so very many. hehehe. ok... i'm going to throw one out there.

    every time you have an itch somewhere on your body, if you MUST scratch it, go fuck yourself to orgasm. you can use whatever you'd like: hand, vibrator, toys, whatever and you can do it whereever you'd like... just remember: it doesn't matter where you are - at work, at home, driving, talking to friends, at the grocery store, whereever... if you have an itch and you scratch it, you MUST find a way to get somewhere and make yourself cum immediately after you scratch.
  7. monocrome

    monocrome Member

    and yes, i said immediately. so this will mean excusing yourself from meetings or conversations, pulling your car over, having to dart into the bathroom of the nearest starbucks or w/e. also, if you cannot bear to do that, or won't be able to find a place to cum... you are not allowed to scratch that itch.

    just clarifying.
  8. misskitty

    misskitty New Member

    Wow, that certainly is an interesting one... Would like to be told to do that XD
  9. subspace

    subspace Member

    Does anybody else suddenly itch all over?
  10. monocrome

    monocrome Member

    i was itching when i wrote it, too LOL :D
  11. Emma

    Emma Member

    Ha ha ha thought it was just me!! My hair and everythin!!

    Em ok lyin face down on a bed, a clothespeg or two on each nipple and a dildo placed just back a bit from your pussy, in order to cum you're going to have to grind and stuff causing the pegs to rub off the bed resulting in more pain for you.
  12. GreyMac

    GreyMac Member

    Wear a dress with nothing under it. While your master drives you along the nearest open freeway, then cruises along side a trucker with your skirt up around your waist and you will use an insertable vibrator to get yourself off. If your Master feels it is acceptable, you must make eye contact with the trucker while coming. Master may then slow down and take the next off-ramp to take secondary roads home to avoid the CB radio chatter that is certain to follow.
  13. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    masturbate in school toilet let guys watch and then tell them they are lucky ^^
  14. subspace

    subspace Member

    Oh geez! Great idea but do we really want to encourage truckers even more, so many are already shameless in their attempt to see boobs on the highway! Can you imagine this trucker trying to get his friends to believe this story? :p

    Master Jey be careful what kind of 'school' you are referring to. High School = arrested and life-time sex offender status, college = still iffy depending on ages involved, careful.
  15. master jey

    master jey Moderator

    high school 17-18 am i not right? i do'nt think showing orgasm to18Y/O guy/girl will lead you to arrest...

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