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    Hi everyone.

    I'm a 33 yo and I have enjoy being a master since as young as I can remember. Already in the elementary school, I was giving orders to other kids to play with themselves and follow my commands. Always nurturing very caring and daring.
    I grew up wanting to explore the limits of the body and mind so I trained myself in the art of Body Modification, exploring the limits in terms of pain and control and using them to achieve freedom. I also trained in diferent paths like psychodelics, yoga and meditation... But finding in the end the more enjoyable for me to share with others was physical pain and mental control.

    At this point I would like to share my findings and knowledge with as many subs as possible.
    My line of work is exlusive for female subs and includes but not limited to Body play, Play piercing, Corsetting, Temporal stitching, Body suspension, Blood Play, ... Submission, Discipline, Mental Control and Humilliation... In singles or groups... Private sessions or public events... In the comfort of your own house / hotel / event...

    For subs with master, that wish to participate will be arranged beforehand, otherwise the master will surrender them at the beginning of the session to me and get them back at the end. They can be passive observers of the session but they will not interact in anyway with me or the sub.

    I am very professional in what I do and hygiene is a must so I always work with hospital grade sterilization.

    Well that is about it for now

    For info you can confess your sins to:

    [email protected]

    Take care.

    Master Commander

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