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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Prissy, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    today, and i was tempted to purchasde them..., they were hangers with removable clips. these clips are to be used for anhging skirts and pants. would they be tight enough for nipples? I am interested in trying, but leary of it as well.
  2. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    Start with wooden clothespins (you can buy a set of about 100 for $3), if those aren't enough, i'd move on to specialty S&M clamps.
  3. Wooden clothes pegs are probably the worst things you can start off with. Get some adjustable nipple clamps instead.
  4. Ophelia

    Ophelia Member

    Yeah, wooden ones REALLY hurt but I guess that's the point right? X3
  5. Prissy

    Prissy Member

    Wooden clothespins? Umm, Our Walmart doesn't supply those..., not many people around here actually air dry their clothes. And the only other place in town that may carry them, we won't go to, not after the way they treated Master when he worked for them.

    Right now, since I am just trying it for the first time, the adjustable clamps sound nice..., where would I go find some of those?

    I thought the point when first starting on something like that, too much pain would be a turn off.
  6. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    In my experience, wooden clothespins have much LESS grip-force than clover clamps. And I bought a bag of them at Wal*Mart, right next to the ironing boards and laundry hampers.

    Where are you people buying these Satan-clothespins that hurt worse than store-bought S&M clamps?
  7. Ms.sub13

    Ms.sub13 Member

    I have tried those wooden clothespins and they aren't that bad. They do provide a little pain but nothin harsh. Regular nipple clamps hurt worse. I got mine at the same place as reallygreen. Prissy if you want some send me an pm and I will mail you some from the pack I bought. There are way to many in one pack.
  8. Hmm, sounds like American clothes pegs are less tight than British ones :confused:
  9. KinkyPink

    KinkyPink Member

    Civic and F40 they're both cars, right? Just really different kind ;)

    If those wooden ones are too painful, disassemble them and try to loosen the spring. That should do the trick. Plastic ones are way more painful ;) I love 'em.
  10. Ophelia

    Ophelia Member

    The English one's are real tight. :D

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