I never said I was a poet

Discussion in 'Stories' started by Tumbl3, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Tumbl3

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    but this came out anyway

    BDSM Is
    Your puppy's head in your lap on a rainy day
    The leather straps and soft haired whips
    Chafed 'n sore nipples rubbing against your work shirt
    The feeling of being completely out of control
    Of screaming orgasms and pleading whispers
    The utter trust of another human being
    While you do your best to fulfill their greatest fantasies
    And push past their deepest fears
    The humiliation and pleasure
    Of doing menial tasks naked with the blinds open
    But most of all the deep encompassing love that comes with the relationship
    And the trust that comes with the communication
  2. L8NightQ

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    Instant connection, and well appreciated

    Thank you Tumbl3

    Keep writing
  3. decoyicus

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    Wonderful poem Tumbl3 dark yet beautiful I think I will save it to my poetry folder for future reading

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    I've moved this to the stories section of the forum as it's a creative piece, rather than a subject for discussion.

    It's very good too, very lovely and thought provoking :)
  5. decoyicus

    decoyicus Member

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    fuck it lets see if we can get a BDSM poetry thread going here is something from my collection(not written by me) its called masters call

    I saw that glimpse within your eye
    The moment I saw you
    A need, a hunger, lost within,
    A witness with no truth

    Looking 'round with nonchalance
    you could not meet my gaze
    My strength worn well upon my sleeve,
    your need upon your face

    For some are born to hold the keys,
    The floggers, canes and whips
    But you were born to wear the chains,
    The words upon your lips…….

    "As you wish, Master."

    you had no clue I'd chosen you
    To serve My wicked whims
    The choice was Mine, not yours you see
    To teach you how to sin

    Along I came, within my hand
    The questions in your dreams
    A simple answer, here before you…
    Life upon your knees

    you needed nothing more than I,
    To teach you how to plead
    So dark and cold, My dungeon holds
    All you shall ever need

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