i need advice on pictures i can send to my Master.

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by chibiTHETERRIBLE, Sep 25, 2011.


    chibiTHETERRIBLE New Member

    Hi all. I was hoping for some suggestions on pictures I can send my master. He is in another state at the moment, and he wants me to send him humiliating photos. I have sent one with me on all fours with a bag over my head....that sort of thing. I was just open to something inspiring or creative if any one has suggestions.
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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I don't have any too interesting suggestions right now, but skimming the 'Your Own Pics and Movies' section might give you some inspiration-recently and less recently there are a few threads of subs with pictures to humiliate themselves (or Masters and their subs).
  3. Betweenthebars

    Betweenthebars New Member

    My husband suggested you, nude, kneeling on your knees (I'd suggest knees spread apart). Collar around your neck, and leash attached to it hooked on to something near you. Then possibly, like a dog wanting to play with it's master, hold your favorite toy in your mouth (ex. Whip).

    Something simpler, but that I like, is have your knees on the ground like you are kneeling, but push your chest to the ground. So ass up, face down. It's uncomfortable for long periods of time (damn collarbone) but flaunts a body well. As for your arms/hands, either have your arms tied behind your back, or use your hands to spread your ass.

    I hope that was clear enough, some things are difficult to describe.
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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    it you're kneeling, have your weight either up (legs straight after knees) or on your toes (sitting on heels). It's harder to hold, therefor more impressive. At least, that's the logic I've taken.
  5. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Holding a dildo in your mouth like a dog with a bone is nice. Or you could write things on your body with a make-up pencil or magic marker, stuff like 'fuck my holes' or 'desperate slut'.
  6. Knots

    Knots Member

    He taught you any positions? If he has, I'd take a picture of every single one.

    Apparently you're into puppy play, I'm presuming you do this with your Master, so take it as far as possible; dog tail anal plug, masks (if you're into them; I'm personally not), collar, whilst on all floors eating dog food from a bowl (you can be kind to yourself and make it dry dog food, unless you want to really impress him and go wet? xd), or the somesuch.

    chibiTHETERRIBLE New Member

    Those are all awesome suggestions, thank you everyone. This forum is great for these things. I honestly can say that I am going to use all the ideas. =)

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