I love girls ribs but why do no girls get my fetish

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by AndyDento25, Oct 10, 2012.

  1. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member

    I have a huge fetish for ribs and I have had no interest on here of the female variety and I'm starting to wonder am I a complete freak to them? What's wrong with liking ribs? Girls please tell me

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  2. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I doubt anyone thinks you're a freak, but this isn't a dating site, that's probably why no one on here is interested. The personals section is pretty weak, so that doesn't really help.
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  3. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member

    Hey thanks for the comment but I want to know now you have commented how slim are you? ;-) you slim enough to make your ribs show? Lol
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  4. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    There are pictures of me in the pics/videos section. I'm not sickly like the girl in the rib thread, but yes, they show sometimes.

    This is not, however, an appropriate way to try and get me to indulge your fetish, and if it is how you're approaching women, it's likely that is the reason you are having trouble.
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  5. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member


    How would you suggest I go about this from a girls perspective?

    Wb I'm not retarded I'm just new to this whole thing haha

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  6. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    If you're just looking for one-off play, camming or IRL, ask if she is interested, then talk about kink and play.

    It's rude to force your kink on someone like you did there to me though. Yes, it was mild, and it's not like you, say, started feeling up my ribs, but asking someone who has not expressed an interest in playing about your fetish (especially someone who has quite a few posts on this site commenting about their partner) is bad and can be taken as harassment (I don't, but it happens).

    If you're looking for someone for a long term relationship, I wouldn't bring up kinks or body-questions on first contact - even on a kink site, unless they ask. It's a bit too early for those to be considered when you're just testing the waters. When you talk about sexual compatibility (I imagine that would be before the first time you fucked), it could come up, or just in a talk about what you're looking for in people. Don't force it on them or ask about their ribs, but let them know, and respect their opinion (although of course if they hate it and you can't go without, no further courting needs to happen).
    So I guess what I'm saying is bring it up, politely and not right away, and don't force it. It's up to you whether it's a requirement before you'll be with them, but kinks shouldn't be the only element of a relationship that you discuss.
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  7. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member

    Thank you I needed to hear that I will be more considerate from now on. You said your feeling up your ribs now? I never said that or is that what you are actually doing?

    I'm Andy by the way 25 single motor mechanic
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  8. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    No. I said "and it's not like you, say, started feeling up my ribs."

    I was trying to show that ALTHOUGH you did not literally do anything to me, approaching me how you did is wrong, and that will be true for anyone else as well. No one wants to be forced into your fetish, physically or verbally, and that is what I suggested was why you haven't found someone.

    I have told you that I am not interested, and this is not a place for trying to get someone interested, so I'd rather you stopped commenting on my ribs, and knew I didn't want your information.

    Good luck in your search, but please stop doing this to other women/forum members/whatever, especially in a public setting like this.
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  9. Tallest

    Tallest New Member

    Dude what? She's not interested. She's told you how to go about introducing your fetish to OTHER women, but not here, and not how you are.
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  10. AndyDento25

    AndyDento25 New Member

    Ok sorry but I never commented on any photo's of yours and you commented first
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  11. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    I never brought up any photo comments or touching myself or anything else like that- you did. I commented to give you advice. This is not a personals thread. I have tried to help you and you have been incredibly rude and disrespectful to me. I suggest you take the advice I gave you above and use it on someone else.

    I won't reply to your threads anymore because I feel as though you are goading me, and if you are not you are at the very least ignoring any advice and my requests to be left alone, so good luck with the further replies.

    This as a warning not to harass anyone else on the board. You're welcome to post in personals, talk about your fetish, and to involve people who you gain consent from, but if I see someone else asking to be left alone repeatedly, that's it.
    I suggest you read the forum etiquette, then continue posting politely.

    Good luck in your search, sorry to scare you into posting your other thread.
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  12. Knots

    Knots Member

    No, she didn't.

    Creepyness, desperation and bitchyness aren't appealing factors to most people. Maybe this has something to do with your limited success.
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  13. Nairbrother

    Nairbrother New Member

    Quoted for truth


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