I have a major fetish with having my penis cut off

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by Slavetocastr8, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Slavetocastr8

    Slavetocastr8 New Member

    Any thoughts on some one out there how would do this
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  2. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    Personally, I think it's a bit... silly to want to do this. You'd essentially be stripping yourself of your manhood.

    Why not just do some CBT and see how far you can push it without causing yourself serious medical trouble?
  3. phillyskin

    phillyskin Member

    honestly i may not get your fetish, but the simple fact is you can only do that once. it's not as if you can decide later that you're not going to do it again because you didn't like it. Plus i would think you'd be pretty likely to bleed out.
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  4. Nuka

    Nuka Member

    That or die of shock... That kinda reminds me of a newspaper cutting I read once...
  5. FTMSovereign

    FTMSovereign New Member

    Yeah... you'll probably bleed out. Maybe creating a sensation of something "cutting into it" would work, as a fantasizing thing?
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  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    It will be extremely difficult to actually experience your fetish. Very few doctors will agree to amputate a healthy body part, and it is illegal for a non-doctor to perform surgery (practicing medicine without a license). And as has been pointed out, doing it yourself carries a high risk of serious injury or death.

    Not all fetishes are realizable. Some people have fetishes for sex with centaurs, for being eaten by giant women, and so on. Others, like you, have fetishes that are not psychologically or physically healthy, for example being killed and cannibalized or being murdered and then fucked. The closest you're going to get safely is to role play out your fantasy with a willing participant who pretends to castrate you.
  7. FTMSovereign

    FTMSovereign New Member

    What exactly about getting it cut off turns you on? Maybe explaining that would help. Is it the actual cutting, or the absence of having a penis, or something else?
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  8. Mistress X

    Mistress X New Member

    if you want to have the absence of your penis, i would suggest that you do the age old trick of taping. where you litterally tape yourself so you appear to not have a penis. if that doesnt satisfy you, then i suggest making random cuts in your penis and letting your imagination do the rest for you. hope my suggestions help
  9. Maybe you should look into some COCK mods they can get pretty extreme. On the other hand if you are willing to fly to Jamaica I know of an ex-doctor who is on permanent VACA there he might be able to help you out.
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  10. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    A cock mod is a good idea. My advice is to reconcile yourself to not living out this fantasy in the flesh. Part of the problem with extreme body modification is that it's a one-way ticket. You can't undo castration or penectomy if you decide it wasn't as exciting as you thought it would be. Remember that many fetishes are initially very exciting, but then begin to fade in strength once you've started to experience it for a while. It would suck to be castrated and then realize a few years later that you really wanted kids or whatever.
  11. 2Liddle

    2Liddle New Member

    fantasy Only

    i must admit i have entertained the fantasy on occasion. i definitely would not enjoy it for real however. If somehow you could suffer this humiliation without the pain and could just grow everything back like a cartoon character I'd possibly try it out.
    My prime fantasy is to be humiliated by a female enemy/rival for having a tiny, pathetic penis culminating in her cutting off the useless appendage after she had buggered me with a huge strap-on.
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  12. DomC

    DomC New Member

    What if you went down the route of genital reassignment like if you were transgender? so you just have your penis operated and turnt into a vagina?
  13. Smallest

    Smallest Moderator

    DomC, that would be very expensive and take a lot of appointments with psychiatrists and so on (since it's a hard to reverse operation, the need to be sure it's needed), so I don't think it could be one for the sake of a fetish. Also, as others have pointed out, it could only be done once.

    Also, though the OP is no longer around, what about something like the phantom limb experiment? They would have volunteers place one hand on the desk and the other out of sight, with a fake hand or glove where the second hand should rest. After a few tests (moving each hand and things), they would slam a hammer into the fake hand, and the people would scream in pain. Perhaps a similar thing could happen with a combination of tucking and a strap on (or just a dildo held in place).
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  14. darknova42

    darknova42 Member

    That's actually pretty clever. I would suggest perhaps also some kind of blind fold play to go along with it. Maybe not completely, just something to obscure the vision so the person gets to 'see his penis cut off'.

    Something like, binding his hands behind him. Some kind of mesh or lightly woven blindfold that is just barely see through. have the fake sticking out in front of him while hes looking down at it. Then instead of tucking his penis and taping it you could have it held down between his spread legs. It'd take 2 people, but each with gloved hands would hold the fake and real penis by the head and run a pair of scissors up and down it lightly and in time. So he gets the sensation of scissors on his penis. Then suddenly the person with the fake penis clips it with the scissors.
    Maybe you could even have a rubber band at the base of both penises and at the moment of the 'cutting' the one with the real penis snaps the rubber band hard.
  15. Salamat

    Salamat Active Member

    not bad idea. but i like transex!

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