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    I'm an 18 year old male who lives with his parents and has some kinks
    I've fantasizes about being forced to dress up in girls clothes and suck on dildo's and crawl on the floor like a slut with my ass held high in panties not being aloud to come till my mistress or master allows me too having my cock degrade and maybe put an elastic around my sack to stop me from cumming then being forced by my master to post pictures of myself here also another idea is being forced to cum on my stomach and let drie on me or my face or being forced to swallow it also writing degrading stuff on my chest or cock maybe forcing me to cum into some panties and put them In my mouth as a gag being forced to talk like a girl and being made to do a little ass play or even being forced to come on some panties and then wear them

    I'm free this weekend if anyone wants to plz!

    Pm me if your interested or post if you want me to post some pics

    Also gender or age of Dom does not matter at all
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