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  1. YMIB

    YMIB New Member

    So, is anyone into erotic humiliation? Each of us has a trigger; what is yours? Share your most humiliating experiences or even humiliation fantasies.
  2. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    humiliation can be a big trigger,

    it can be as simple as trash talk
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    I love verbally abusing my subs. Calling them things like bitch, cunt, faggot, and pussyboy just comes naturally to me.
  4. a.mandy

    a.mandy New Member

    yes it's better when it's natural, when it sound pushed it's like dull, not so good
  5. lordflyer

    lordflyer New Member

    I like to think up new things to call my bitch. It keeps her humble.
  6. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Yes, variety is important. 'Bitch' starts to lose its impact if you use it too often.
  7. bondagebeaver

    bondagebeaver New Member

    name calling

    what about namecalling whore/slut? how do i get my boyfriend to call me these names? suggestions?
  8. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Bondage: The Newcomer's FAQ has a post on how to kinkily a Nice Vanilla Boyfriend. That might give you some ideas about how to approach it.
  9. Slaveman23

    Slaveman23 New Member

    Yup I love it when my wife/mistress calls me her sissyboy or just about anything else she wants to.
  10. Sparrow69

    Sparrow69 Moderator

    I enjoy having my submissives verbally state in detail what they are doing or what is being done to them when I know it is something they do not enjoy or really do not like. This is usually coupled with them having to ask for it to happen in the first place. For example I had a sub who disliked anal sex. Not so much for its painful aspect but because of the tendrils of morality she was raised with. To her, it was dirty and degrading, so when she would do something wrong, and need to be really punished, she would be ignored, as if she wasnt there at all until she begged to be fucked in the ass, the more public the resignation to ask for such a thing the better. While taking her and fulfilling her request, she was to state in detail what was going on, statements like "I'm giving you my ass to fuck because I want you to fuck my ass" were often uttered and followed by a physical and emotional sense of defeat and tears.
  11. Martello

    Martello Member

    I am along the very same vein here. We've talked about this many times. This is effective humiliation for ppl with her standing for sure.

    Just be mindful, there is a difference between what's being talked about here and having your feelings really hurt.
  12. grrinch

    grrinch Active Member

    I love Humiliation
  13. Fractal

    Fractal New Member

    I like being humilliated for example one time we had friends over and my master made me strip, and jerk them all 5 of them off while he called me various names like his personal sissy cum slut. After I jerked them all off for a bit they all came over my face and I was told to lay on the floor and leave it there and jerk myself off, cover a vibrator in my cum as lube, put it on high and keep it in my asshole for 2 hours without moving. I enjoyed it so much the vibration on my prostate made me cum 3 times.
  14. RopeRanger

    RopeRanger Member

    I have to a admit that this is not something that comes natural for me. I have no problem with bondage, applying pain, punishment or discipline but verbal humiliation goes against my southern upbringing. I can do it, but it it won't give *me* pleasure.

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