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    My Mistress just love to show off to her friends, that she ownes a slave, me. Every time she has friends come to ower place, my Mistress find a way to humiliate me. Example: If there go out i have to stay at home, and clean the whole house. If there ready to go i have to put her schoes on down on my knees, my Mistress love it to tap on my head and say, good work Doggie, you learn fast. Last night, more mornig she was home with one of her friends, a male i serv them a drink and as always my Mistress orderd me to lick her schoes clean, and put them out for her. Later on there look TV in the sofa, me next to them on my knees, suddenly my Mistress order to clean her friend boots to, i try to get up to get a piece of kitchen paper, my Mistress/ Wife say no need to get up Doggie show respect to my friend, lick them clean. My Mistress/ Wife love me very much, iam sure she never cheat on me with a other man, but is this cuckolding? Doggie.
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