Human Ashtray, Whipping, CBT, Ballbusting, Rubber videos!

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    Human Ashtray, Whipping, CBT, Ballbusting, Rubber videos... and more!!!
    All found at

    I won't spam with individual back clips, but expect updates most days to come, currently over 60+ sadistic videos to browse now!


    Smoke, Spit & Latex II

    Cigarette Burning Cock & Balls

    Brutal Double Whip & Cane Punishment: PARTS 1 & 2

    Baseball Bat to the Balls

    Double Human Ashtray & Spittoon

    Forced Smoke Inhalation in Full Rubber

    HARD Ball-Kicking & BallBusting with Shoes

    Lick the Dirt from the Bottom of My Combat Boots

    Your COCK is My ASHTRAY

    Whipped to Shreds
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