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    Ive seen this tie many times on the net, however I cannot fint a guide to make it. Anyone that can help with a guide or a name for it?

    Thanks in advance:)

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    If you're talking about the breast harness tie and not the combo with the hair added in, (right pic), then it's actually a pretty easy tie, but a little hard to explain. Essentially, when people try to make a tie like this they make a rudimentary mistake - they use a long single strand and try to wrap it round and round. What ends up happening is generally a mess. Search for images of amateur harness ties and you'll always run into one that looks extremely sloppy. that's usually the person who tried to do it this way. What you have to do is take that long length of rope, (I use about 25-feet - 50 for even more intricate ties). You have to take that single strand and fold it least two-three times. What you're left with is a long triple strand of rope. The rest is essentially a series of hitches, crown, crossing and figure 8 knots.... For a tie like this you have to have a patient partner and patience yourself. Personally, I'm not a huge "rope guy" - I use rope generally on a very rudimentary level. However, when the mood strikes, I like to get creative and that's where a good book comes in...Here is a website to get you into some basics:

    There's a good book out there by Edward Lee and someone whose name I can't remember called: The Art Of Rope. Do some searching in your area - I'd bet 10-dollars that there's a BDSM group out there, (do a search)...I actually found one out here and took a class. Good luck and have fun!
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    It is only the breast harness I am looking for and the way the arms are tied. I dosent have to be exactly like the one on the pic, but something alike. I can seem to find any good descriptions:-( But thanks for the link. Other suggestions are welcome:)
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