How to 'teach' being a master to a switch pet?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by RenamonX, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. RenamonX

    RenamonX New Member

    So me and my pet have tried swapping a bit, we have this game where she picks cards at random and each have an assigned task. One of the good ones lets her swap with me for a session. Problem is when we tried it(this is all online btw) she didnt know what to do and had trouble with it since shes been a sub to me for so long.

    Any tips or things that I can do to help her ease into it? I myself am heavily a dom but am switch as well, except I have no idea how to teach something like this, since my domminess isn't really the norm.
  2. Lykos

    Lykos Member

    I'm not exactly an expert on this kind of thing byt I have trid it occasionally and run into the same problems. But don't panic, someone will be along soon who knows bookoo more about this than I do. My only suggestion is to tell her to do something and then let her tell you something. Switch off frequently so she is given ideas on how to perform from you. If she is having trouble its because shes unfamiliar with how to please you in a role reversal. When my lady wants me to dom her i get antsy and nervous, as if she wouldn't be pleased by what I try. Your sub may be nervous as well. Empower her by calling her whatever name she desires and doing every task, (within reason) even if it's not really what you wanted. She will get used to domming eventually and get better and better at doing the things you like. Basically what I'm trying to say is give her time and help her along by giving her tasks to do to you and then at one point when she asks "what now" say "you pick". Letting her get used to being in control is the key, good D/s play will come later.

    Anyone else with better advice please step in.
  3. sebastian

    sebastian Active Member

    Why do you want this to be an option? Does she want to Dom? Do you want to sub? If neither of you is interested in this, don't do it.

    If she wants to Dom, discuss her domming fantasies and then play one out. Then talk about what worked, what didn't, how she could do it better, and how you would have played it.

    If you want to sub, describe your fantasy to her and have her play it out for you. Train her to know what you like in a dom and how to be that Dom for you.
  4. RenamonX

    RenamonX New Member

    @Sebastian Oh we both want to of course. I'm primarily a dom but I do like subbing occasionally and she enjoys domming occasionally too, hence why I put it on the list since I know she likes it. But ill give it a shot to ease her into it, we'll pick out a situation for me to do that she can command me in, try that out, then maybe let her pick a few more then talk about how well they worked afterwords. I guess the main problem is just getting her into the mindset of it, since shes very used to only doing as shes told, and she only paws and cums when I say she can, so getting her out of that habit for those sessions might be difficult.

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