How to lick? How to suck? From the front and from behind?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by Jillian, Jan 10, 2008.

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  1. Jillian

    Jillian New Member

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    How to lick.... Somebody uttered an opinion that it is much better to perform monotonous motions with one's tongue for a long while then to stagger and lurch. He said he has noticed that it impresses me far more then to "take a stroll here, lick off there". I arrived at the conclusion that it is so.
    Once I have even devised that formula for myself, and I tried to teach it to the men that did it either too furiously or too slowly.

    How to suck...

    From the front and from behind... It is known to be a widespread fantasy, especially among young boys, to suck and being fucked from behind at the same time. It turns out that only the participant in the middle that gets fucked feels good about himself. Well, maybe also the one who has got hold of a back hole. The one who is being pleased orally has the misfortune of being sucked by someone who is hardly able to do so because of the havoc caused by the intercourse taking place in his behind.

    As for myself I have no special sympathy for 69, just because of that - I am not able to concentrate entirely on feelings. Either mouth or clitoris, together doesn't work well.

  2. Summer

    Summer New Member

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    I love hard sex. On the peak of excitement you feel no discomfort at all. And only after you can feel some pain in a part of the body that had the most.
  3. puppy_girl

    puppy_girl New Member

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    It is very true about 69! One 100 procent! My beloved could never comprehend why at some point I stop pleasing his penis orally. That is because I stop controlling myself. And I can bite... That already happened, but not with him, of course
  4. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    My mistress uses biting well...severe biting and chewing...Im offered a choice, I may enjoy her warm soft wet mouth and enjoy the pleasure using her mouth affords me but I also accept that she enjoys chewing when I bury my self into her mouth I know I will soon be begging her for men so enjoy pain/pleasure pain/pleasure...
  5. ALise

    ALise New Member

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    The same. Can't suck while being fucked or while being pleased myself. When I suck I don't feel what others do on my body.
  6. heinirchvf

    heinirchvf New Member

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    Yes, quite. I enjoy the thought of 69 - being able to enjoy both pleasures - but in practice I find it is better to be able to focus entirely on your partners satisfaction, and then on the pleasure she gives you.
  7. DearElliot

    DearElliot Member

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    my thoughts

    I feel if working on her clitoris..she should be comfortable relaxed and allow me to work,. I like to use my tongue rubbing from the pee hole upward, so the clit is lifted rubbed then do it over and over..with occasionally sucking it like aminature cock, not too fast, and licking it upward seems to be best, and again slowly but not allow it to rest, it is important the clitoris be kept stimulated...and it can take a while..perhaps 30 minutes but itis important not to stop because once the point is reached it will develop in a stroong orgasm for her......I ask she allow me to continue long after she is finished cumming also..but sometimes the area is so sensitive she cant allow it..

    Also I wish to not wipe my face as I enjoy the aroma surrounding me..
  8. Rasputin

    Rasputin New Member

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    Ass licking

    My former girlfriend once dropped her shorts,assumed doggy style position and told me jokingly:"Kiss my ass!".I started licking it and was surprised how much i liked.I fucked her hard and fast after that.Some time later she forced me to licl her ass while i was masturbating and i came.It turned me to total ass licker.I like to lick:eek:n my knees,while laying on the bed,in 69,and facesitting of course.Not all girls understand me should i feel shame?
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