how to go about degrading my gf w/ a sharpie

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by degradinggf, Apr 20, 2011.

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    Im going to my gf's place tonight with a marker, she has given me permission to write whatever I please on her and photograph my work. I haven't acted out much degradation/humiliation type stuff but it is a HUGE turn on and I wanna make the best of this opportunity. So, I'm looking for ideas. I'm sure the collective minds of a community like this can come up with better stuff than I. I was gonna go for the typical "SLUT" across her tits, maybe a bullseye on her ass, etc. Im trying to get as many ideas from as many people as possible before this happens, thanks
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    I like using arrows to point to body parts. For example "ass" on one butt cheek, "hole" on the other, with an arrow pointing from each to the anus. Or you could write a command or invitation "Fuck me, please" or "insert here" or "open for business".

    Unless she's into public humiliation, you don't want to write on her face with a marker, but you could do it with a grease pen or cheap lipstick. You could draw whiskers and a dog nose, for example, or write "worthless bitch" across her forehead and cheeks.
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    Just for the humourous aspect go for phallic images etc... but insults and other such things should go for it...
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    I heard once the suggestion of much more subtle insults. "Your taste in pizza toppings is terrible" being one of them.

    I'm in favor of decorating her in a manner to outline her breasts and orifices, followed by "Fuck me please" and an arrow.

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