How to get the magic back?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by justodivino, Mar 29, 2016.

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    Hello everybody.
    I am no expert on BDSM, but for some years my girl and me did have a lot of fun trying roleplaying. Sometimes she would enjoy me taking the leading role and other times we would switch sides and she would totally own me. I really enjoyed it and our experience was very much based on fun and experimenting. Sometimes I would give her orders straight away when she entered my room, remaining firm and silent until she does what I wanted. Other times, she would send me an SMS and told me how I should wait with my mouth for her at my place, sometimes we would take some risky moves, like asking each other to fulfill some tasks in situations where it was clearly not save to do things (as in removing underwear at work and get photos done for the other, licking/pleasing the other in public, etc). I really loved it and loved that it was something we enjoyed and did whenever we wanted, not being forced and not 24/7.
    Unfortunately, these plays were becoming less and less frequent, and right now they are gone. I miss it very much and it gave something to our relation that I found enriching and binding. Of course, I can only talk for myself and I would never think of forcing her to get back to it. I just feel a bit disappointed she is not up to doing it anymore, even when sometimes I suggested it actively or just indirectly. I wonder if somebody had a similar experience and if could give some tips on how to get back to these nice activities, same or different. To be honest, I sometimes desire it so much that I thought about doing with somebody else, but that would not be nice. I look forward to your comments and experience.
    Thank you, JD.
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