How to get ass to mouth from girls?

Discussion in 'General fetish discussions' started by toremeri, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. toremeri

    toremeri New Member

    How to get random one night stand girls to do ass to mouth? I have some not tested ideas:

    Have a dominant attitude and rough sex (hair pulling, ass slapping, etc). Before anal sex put finger in their ass and then put it in their mouth and tell them to suck it. This let them get used by the taste of their own ass. When having anal sex after, for example woman on top, just tell to woman "suck my dick!" They know now how it tastes.

    Have a dominant attitude and rough sex. Fuck girl in the ass doggy style, pull out, grab her by hair, put d*ick near their mouth and just tell them to suck it.

    Guys who are interested about ass to mouth action, write your experiences and thoughts. What is your success ratio?

    Other people - yes I know anal to oral sex have some risks. Yes I know too much porn. :)
  2. Smotherman

    Smotherman New Member

    Well, I'm into ass to mouth, but their ass to my mouth.:D
  3. akittenone

    akittenone Guest

    this is something kitten is interested in reading, if only for the fact its one of her limits, and something she just freezes at, and although Master is trying to teach her and help her, still it is not something that kitten can see herself doing willingly, so am reading this with interest
  4. dom_UK

    dom_UK New Member

    My sub will do ass to mouth.

    its one of those things that you drift into gently, if you try to get her to do this out of the blue, your sub will probably react badly.

    enema first is a must !!
  5. I like giving and receiving ;)
  6. Its hard to determine how far your partner will go when concerning one night stands... but if she's a good sub she'll do whatever you tell her to. I would think if a girl likes anal she wouldn't care about ass to mouth.
  7. ReallyGreen

    ReallyGreen Member

    If I had a one night stand who brought-up A2M I think I'd leave her in the hotel, go home and burn my clothes. With that mindset you'd be lucky to come away with just herpes.
  8. vanilla137

    vanilla137 New Member

    I'm new to all of this, but I must say, this idea really turns me on!!! Now can someone please give me pointers on how to allow his cock into my ass without the constant clenching it does which is beyond my control!?

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