How old were you at that time?

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How old were you when you felt an interest to BDSM theme?

  1. <16

    134 vote(s)
  2. 16-21

    75 vote(s)
  3. 22-30

    18 vote(s)
  4. 31-40

    12 vote(s)
  5. 41-50

    2 vote(s)
  6. 50<

    2 vote(s)
  1. sharik

    sharik New Member

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    Hi all!

    I became curious and decided to ask you:
    How old were you when you felt an interest to BDSM theme?

    Thanks for your answers:)
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  2. gwendoline

    gwendoline New Member

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    How old

    I am in my late 50s now but still clearly remember my excitement at BDSM thoughts in my teens, by the time I was 18 I had experimented a lot with self bondage and self flagellation and was also very keen on wearing woman’s underwear.

    The joy of slipping on a set of pretty bra and panties, gagging myself and then gently whipping my back, my legs and my tummy with a soft leather flogger. Then of course the pleasure would build up and the self inflicted strokes would get harder and include my pantied cock and balls and sometimes I would cum from just from the whipping.

    I was about 19 when I visited a pro Domme for the first time but the session was mind blowing and I was hooked.

    I have had many, usually fleeting, BDSM relationships over the ensuing years but it was 5 years ago when I met the Mistress of my dreams, who I am now 24/7 maid and slave to.
    (Now it is She that can make me cum just by whipping my cock and balls)


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    Under 16 but did not know how to define it exactly or properly until much later.
  4. SMaster

    SMaster New Member

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    This poll is proving that BDSM inner feelings, instincts comes from person's personality. Person cannot gain a true BDSM instinct along his/her life with experiences. He/she may just realise his/her interest in time.
  5. Submissive

    Submissive New Member

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    I was around 13-14 or so when I first tried self bondage. I allready had fetishes for it all well before then.

    I didn't know what it was all about or what to call it until well into my late 30's. I felt way to ashamed of myself.
  6. oldman44ca2004

    oldman44ca2004 New Member

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    I am not sure how old it way when I realized that I had a strong desire for something that I did not know the name for. My best friend and I enjoyed inflicting pain on each other and it always resulted in us getting hard. By the time I was 14 there was 4 of us and some of our activities bordered on outright torture. All through my teen years I was a switch hitter but by the time I hit my 20's I knew I preferred being the Master.

  7. raven1083

    raven1083 Active Member

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    i am 24 and i felt a sudden need for bdsm porn experience and i have been enjoying that experience till now
  8. rv101010

    rv101010 New Member

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    I was 11 . I was at the seaside for holidays. One afternoon, i heard strange sounds coming from the next garden. I was curious and I tried to see what happened. I saw in the living room of the villa ( the window was not closed...) , the 2 daughters of my neighboors being punished. Aged of +/- 16 and 14, they were in underwear, kneeling in front of their father. The first had to take off her panties and to bend on the sofa. Then she was flogged with a small whip, while her sister was waiting , still crying...I never saw before, girls half naked and certainly i never saw somebody whipped!! From that time, i have permanent interest for the Domination...
  9. CNJ4IT

    CNJ4IT New Member

  10. Trained

    Trained New Member

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    Well before I started school, I was tyeing myself up and trying to get my playmates to tie me up and turture me when we were playing cowboys and indians or "I Spy". Well before I had any idea about sex!
  11. snowflake357

    snowflake357 New Member

  12. onmyknees4strangers

    onmyknees4strangers New Member

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    I was 12 when a couple of guys came to my house before school and we ended up skipping out and goofing around at my house. Over the course of the day, we eventually got naked and had jerking off contests. In the late afternoon, they both made me suck them off.

    THey came the next morning and I missed another day of school sucking them off over and over again. At lunch time, they called some more guys and I spent the afternoon giving multiple blowjobs to about five guys.

    I spent much of junior high and high school sucking cock. A few guys even had me give their new girlfriends pointers.
  13. heinirchvf

    heinirchvf New Member

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    I have had fantasies about BDSM, as a sub, but sometimes as a dom, ever since I was a kid.
  14. Erla_kisa

    Erla_kisa New Member

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    My bondage and rape fantasies started when I was about 6 years old...I've always felt a bit like I'm a sick person for it but I'm always getting to know more people that actually understand it, so that's good.
  15. curiousgirl

    curiousgirl Member

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    Very young:p under 10, i suppose, though never knew what to call it. I remember playing with my Barbie dolls rape scenes and stuff... my sis would never understand why i may like that.

    While im still a virgin- never found a partner i would trust enough - i am really turned up by watching and thinking of light bondage... I would definitaly make a sub, though not a real one, i dont like pain , though love the idea of being exposed, humiliated tied... I would only let someone i trust and love do i - so i can be sure he would do only what i like too. But im sure once i find one, i will try.

    So, im not sure if my "vote" counts or not.

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