How many times have you done ecstasy (MDMA)?

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    Just wondering about how often people do it before they see side effects (or don't). Please tell me about your usage and any side effects you noticed; like depression, anxiety, paranoia, memory issues, concentration issues, or anything else, and how long they lasted for.

    I've done it around 12 times since last summer, usually spaced out by a month or so. I havn't noticed any side effects. I supplement with anti oxidants and 5-HTP afterwords. Most of my friends haven't seen side effects either, except the ones doing it every other weekend or so have slight memory issues they claim,but no long term depression, which in my opinion is the biggest danger.

    I'm not looking for information on the drug, trust me, I know almost everything there is to know about it. Please don't answer unless actually taken it, ignorant yahoo answer moms aren't going to talk me out of my responsible-ish use of this drug. It's the only drug I use (apart from alcohol), and it's the only one I'll ever take again.;u=4527;u=15102;u=20631;u=84578;u=595;u=12410;u=2644;u=29351;u=907;u=362;u=97
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