How long is it appropriate to wait...?

Discussion in 'Section open for any subject to discuss' started by Ruelee, May 21, 2011.

  1. Ruelee

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    The basic situation is, I haven't heard from my partner for some time now. I know nothing's happened to him, because there's still the odd post on social sites from him.
    The last I did hear, he was hitting a busy time.
    I'm ridiculously patient, so this has gone on for some time now. I'm not sure exactly how long.
    Since this is kinda a long-distance relationship, I'm left with the question... just how long is it appropriate to continue waiting to hear from him before starting to wonder/worry and so on?

    And I'm also asking now because apparently today's the Rapture, and I'd rather ask before anyone get's spirited off by some old divine being that hasn't paid any attention to me. Sorry if that bit offends someone. Just in case.
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  2. Death

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    Rapture... haha. Sorry. :x Maybe worth thinking about if it'd be the 21st of December, 2012, even if I don't think that'll be the "end" of the world, either, but considering all the separate prophecies that point to that particular date, and some of the science surrounding that time, surely something quite particular must happen, then... but the words of one, single man... you could just as well listen to a random, alleged prophet on an Internet forum.

    I also had a long-distance relationship, last year... personally, I waited for my ex for almost seventy days, if it wasn't over seventy days, even. Turned out she had ended up in a psych hospital. I had been intent on waiting for her for the rest of my life and kill myself if I never heard from her, again, within a year or so. She thanked me for my commitment to her by afterwards going and having sex with her ex-boyfriend, and "best friend's" boyfriend, giving up her virginity to him, then became all interested in me, again, after that betrayal. Well, the truth was brought out and I broke up with her.

    What she ended up doing, after going missing, of course holds no relevancy to your situation, but it just reminded me. Meh. -_- However, in your case, he is posting elsewhere. I'm not sure what "patient" means to you, but I'd say a week's silence, and quite less than that, would be very strange. Why does he have time for those posts, but not for you? This having been going on for "some time" sounds like him having lost interest, I'm afraid. :/
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  3. Ruelee

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    Its been longer than a week for me, though I couldn't say how long exactly it's been since I last actually talked with him, no matter how briefly. He knows, or at least should know I'm here, since I've sent mails from time to time - not a massive amount of them of course.

    Since my idea of being patient is frequently however long it takes (mostly because I have absolutely no sense of the passage of time in the slightest), that's kind of why I ask... because otherwise I'm sort of worried I'm going to end up doing this for too long and missing the obvious signs that this isn't going to do me any good in the long run. Safer I felt to ask and hear outside views, than not to ask and potentially never find out.

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