How has a 3some affected your thus far monogomous relationship?

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by YourNightmareMyDreams, May 30, 2013.

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    Pretty much sums it up in the title, wanting to know or hear experiences where and how a threesome has affected a thus far monogomous relationship..?
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  2. WickedPleasures

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    My slut and myself had discussed it at one point and reached a tentative soloution. In our case she was adventurous enough to allow another female but under the following agreed slut can orally and physically pleasure the female, the female can orally/physically pleasure and trib her. The female can orally/physically pleasure me. But no intercourse was allowed with the female, only between my slut and myself. the female can assist in any other stimulation during intercourse. This was to be an opportunitiy basis and not a long term situation with a confirmed partner. Sadly we never got to that stage as I would have loved to have watched my slut pleasured by a female while restrained.

    BE ADVISED: do not take this lightly.....even this arrangement has the ability do totally destroy a relationship so think carefully

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