how can i hint for him to ask me out?

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    This started about 1 month ago. She is a crybaby all the time. She always has only napped 30 mins twice a day and now she sleeps but all night she tosses and turns and cries a ton during the night and wakes up frequently. She used to go to bed at 8pm but now wont sleep till about 9pm and is up at 730am but all night she is up every few hours crying. During the day she wont play with toys she just wants held and carried around everywhere. Its so hard because sometimes you just want her to play on the floor. I feed her milk and oatmeal as soon as she gets up and then baby food. After her nap we have babyfood and table food along with milk, then a snack and juice a few hours later. Dinner is table food and baby food. Right before bed I give her a 9 oz bottle of milk too. I dont think it is lack of food. She is NOT teething, we took her to dr and he sees no new teeth. I give her baby tylenol too at night and during the day to try to help with crankiness but it doesnt help. She poops and pees good, she doesnt show signs of being sick either. I just dont know how to get her to be a haooy baby and want to play and want to be independant too. I love to hold her, but I cant hold her 18 hours a day. Sometimes when my hubby is home from work he will try to hold her, but she cries for me. I am at my wits end on what it could be and what to do.;u=8787;u=15077
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    Hello All and miscellaneous!

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