how can I get a mistress

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by brennanenda, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. brennanenda

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    Hi anyone know were i can go to get à mistress to crossdress me im from sligo in ireland
  2. sebastian

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    You've got two separate issues here really. 1) How you can find a woman to be submissive to and 2) how you can find a woman who will indulge your desire to cross dress. The second issue is probably somewhat easier than the first. Most women who are willing to dominate a man are probably willing to at least consider requiring him to cross dress. Some dommes might really like to make their sub cross dress, while others might simply agree to offer it as a reward for good behavior. So as you're looking for a domme, make sure that you tell her about your interest in cross dressing and make sure she's willing to consider it.

    Finding a domme is probably going to be a little bit trickier. Sligo isn't, so far as I know, a major population center, so while there might be some kinky (or kink-friendly) women in your area, they are likely to be less common than in the major cities. So my recommendation would be to focus some of your search in Dublin. Urban areas are just generally more kink-friendly, so you have better odds of finding a kinky woman there than in the more rural parts of Ireland.

    Have you tried posting on Collarme? It's an international site (I've chatted with Irish guys on it).
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    I agree with Sebastian - BDSM doesn't seem to have reached Sligo yet :(

    I did a quick search for RoI Dommes, and found this page...

    I've only ever driven as far as Athlone from Dublin, but I know the roads in the center of Ireland can be pretty basic, with a lot of farm vehicles slowing down journey times.

    So I don't know whether Dublin, Derry or Belfast would be easiest as a commute for a session. Here are Dommes I found in each place:




    The alternative is to grab a Ryanair flight from Knock and take advantage of the huge selection of professional Dommes in the UK.

    You may think that these professional sessions are expensive, but remember that a good Domme will tailor the session to your specific tastes, and you are far less likely to be disappointed. You may also be able to engage in an email or IM session to try out a particular Domme. And engaging with a Domme will give you the experience you need to develop a non-professional relationship too.

    If you find you genuinely enjoy this kind of scene then you can pursue the search for a partner who enjoys your particular tastes.


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