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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by MrAero, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. MrAero

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    As a punishment for my long distance sub I've considered hot wax. I would have her light a candle and after a time pour the wax either on her chest or inner leg and video tape it for her to send to me. She doesn't have webcam that works (we're working on fixing that) and I thought this might be a good mix of humiliation and pain. What are your opinions? have any of you ever used hot wax before?
  2. I haven't, but my master and I have discussed it a little. I'm not ready to try it out on my nipples yet, but he says he might try dripping some over my arse cheeks. I think he mentioned something about 'honey' candles being more effective, as they're slower to burn or something :confused: You'd have to ask him about it, Master Of Puppies.
  3. Hello Mr aero, use the normal white 'emergency' candles, don't use black or scented candles and i'm having second thoughts about beeswax and honey candles as they burn hot, cherish your subbie. :) The simple answer is to try it on yourself first i guess.
  4. filfy

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    i use tea light candles. i find the best places are my inner thighs, stomach and nipples. make sure your sub doesn't hold the candle too close to their skin when pouring at first. obviously the closer the candle, the hotter the wax is when it hits the skin, so make sure they get used to puring it from a distance first, moving closer to the skin as they get used to the pain and find their threshold
  5. I've just found a pile of tea lights I'd forgotten I had...this could be interesting ;)
  6. filfy

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    i say go for it :D
  7. MrAero

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    Thank you very much, I appreciate you advice. I will ask her what candles she has and determine the best from what she has. Why not scented? a particular reason? Thanks
  8. MrAero

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    I just tried a red scented candle. It was all I had. It may have been the candle, but it really didn't hurt very much at all. I started at a foot an a half away and moved in to inside about 10 inches. I burned for longer the closer I got but it was never excruciating. About how far away do you get, Master of Puppies?
  9. I'm no expert on this, tried it a good few years ago, but I believe that scented candles and coloured or 'fancy' candles may contain various chemicals that, in all honesty, probably will be ok, but 'normal' ones are safer. If you want more intensity, hold it closer.

    .......... I forgot about your tea lights Puppy. Thanks for reminding me. :D
  10. You're welcome, master :)
  11. Leilani

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    I've tried out pouring some wax from a regular candle on my leg and inner thigh out of curiosity, and that didn't feel too bad. It left bright pink marks, but after about a week or two, there was absolutely no trace of them any more, so I say go for it!
  12. Yeah, that was something I'd been worrying about, how long the marks last for...and I've also been worrying a bit about the possibility of permanent scarring :(
  13. MrAero

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    the candles that I used, even if held right next to the skin, would not be hot enough to cause any scarring. I'm not sure if their are some candles out there that do burn hotter or how to tell them apart, but my aren't that way.
  14. Okay, thanks :)
  15. Ms.sub13

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    :D:DI like hot wax. Candles surrounded by glass won't burn as hot. A thick candle with no class will burn hotter on the skind and the red marks will stay longer. I have used vanilla scented and unscented. The Vanilla one in the glass wasn't as hot as the unscented in the glass. So the extra chemicals for some reason does impact the strength but the chemicals didn't bother my skin and came off just fine. Just be careful when pouring wax on the inner thighs because I got it on my lips and they swelled up real bad but after some ice they were fine and no scarring. I would start with a not so sensitive area and then work your way to nipples but after a while with the mixture of heat and pain it becomes irresistble Good Luck!!!!! :D

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