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  1. tokyocouple4649

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    alittle info about us....I am American, shes Japanese we live in Japan. shes 27 yrs old, VERY sexy, has not been shared yet, she has done acouple skype sessions with other couples with me and recently had a private email relationship with her online english teacher that I set up, he used to ask her to send pics of herself to him and flirt with her...which led me here!
    I would like to take online to another level for her. obviously she is at the very begining stage of all of this but that makes it all the better right?
    Please PM me some info about you and how you can train her and what types of things you will have her do online for you.
    we can start as soon as today so please dont wait, best master gets my wife!
  2. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    im still trying to upload some pics here, I would be happy to email any to the "right" master once I see a reply. looking forward to her training!
  3. steve30

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    yes I am interested in

    I can offer any woman/girl

    to be grabbed tied up gagged blindfolded stripped and then do whatever the people want it to be.
  4. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    ??? not sure what that means but I am looking for an ONLINE master.
  5. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

  6. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    there is her pic so you know I am serious.
  7. Whickedsick

    Whickedsick New Member

    Can we talk about it?does she have a ym account?
  8. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    I can't believe she only got one reply with all these members here! This MUST not actually be a S&M forum. Please contact me if you want to train and use my wife!!! Be sure to include what and how you will train her. She has yahoo and webcam.
  9. JonTraser

    JonTraser Member

    I've sent you 2 PMs. Get in touch would love to train her.

  10. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    Jon Traser has been selected as her new master. I will post again when her training is finished to allow other masters to train her. Please PM my if your interested to be selected for future sessions with her.
  11. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

    Master Jon did great. Broke her down completely and left me with a used swollen pussy to work with. Fun times! Who wants to train my slut Japanese wife next?
  12. tokyocouple4649

    tokyocouple4649 New Member

  13. 1900

    1900 New Member

    She seems hot, try to use some remote control vibrator to play with her in the public.
  14. I may be interested if she doesnt mind perforiming for me
  15. kirankats

    kirankats New Member

    i am interested in train ur wife.

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