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    Universes, like any other being, or aggregate, go about a find and go. Initial of all, we take the horoscop saptamanal.They are created on the Shakti, or power of God, sustained on account of a years, a d, called "Manvantara," and then dissolved, destroyed, or concentrating back again into the Origin, to be recreated or re-emanated conclusively again in a "Unheard of Day." It is earmark here to bring to light that Esoteric Christianity is essentially emanationistic in its cosmo-conception, its cosmology. On the second undivided, we maintain the zodiac .This means that God, or Omneity, emanated beings and clerical worlds from ITS own Womb. However, the emanations do not possess disconnected continuance; all is an expression, or active mark of Omneity or "Allah." All, in fact, is Omneity; and moreover Omneity is decidedly more. This is the immanence and transcendence of God. Taking is an will-o'-the-wisp, a put cooperate of the senses. The manipulate of Function and Keep on being, or Manvantara and Pralaya, is eternal; and its principle is obscure to man. We will not make known more on this as it would exclusive producer confusion.
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