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    Wondering what people have out there for Homemade toys. Made a few sets of stocks recently and love them cannot wait to be able to show everyone some pics. To date I have made 3 sets of stocks, Ankle stocks, Wrist stocks and more recently Cock stocks. Ive made a few flat Bamboo canes as well, wrapped the handles with a Solomons Bar, made from paracord. I took the bamboo sanded it, applied gold leaf then shellac the shit out of them for a high gloss. They look great, sound great in action and leave nice marks. What have you guys made? Would love some nasty devious new idea's.!!:devil:
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    I'm not that handy with tools but yours sound very interesting.
  3. Likewise - your efforts seem very impressive indeed.

    I'm embarrassed to say the most useful home made "toy" of mine was to buy a set of four "luggage bungee cords". These turn any bed into an instant bondage rack :)

    Just loop one end hook of the bungee around the leg of the bed, and the other end hook around a leather dog collar that acts as a wrist or ankle strap. Because they're elastic they adapt to the dimensions of the bed, and of the sub.

    I'm afraid no shellac was involved, and the result isn't pretty; but it does the job.

  4. Machinegunnicky

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    Thanks guys! It really was something I put alot of effort into and everything turned out great, When I can I will post pics of everything. Thanks stanley you gave me an Idea for the bed. I recently took nylon webbing and made wrist restraints. Bought the 200 feet of nylon webbing from my local princess auto. I took about 2 feet and doubled one end over about 2 inches on itself and sewed the shit out that end so it formed a loop, on the other end i folded it over and placed a D ring in the loop. take the D ring and pas it through the loop twice and the nylon bites onto itself. Now I have Great looking adjustable wrist straps that can easily hook up to Carabiners, nylon, rope, Panic Snap's. Love them!
  5. Webbing is a good choice because it's nice and wide.

    But you might need to watch out for friction burns because I think I'm right in saying that webbing is made from woven polyproplyene.

    You might think you can test it on your own wrist to see if it chafes, but remember men are hairy and women less so. Even worse is that in the height of sexual arousal she may not feel it, but she will afterwards. And marks around the wrists are very visible in our "real" lives.

    If this is a problem then I think there are two solutions.

    One is the hard way - figure out some way to incorporate padding into the strap.

    The other is a lot easier - make your sub wear sexy elbow length gloves when she is restrained. Personally I love girls in elbow length gloves, so it's a win-win :)

  6. Another "home made" possibility is to use one of those inversion tables that people use for back problems.

    Looks like people get tired of them quickly because they go cheap on EBay.

    Easy to store, and looks easy to add bondage accessories.
  7. A cucumber... what can I say I'm not very handy.
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    wow man, you are very handy with all that. do you have any pics of your DIY ? xxx

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