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Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by sweetsub31, Jul 23, 2012.

  1. sweetsub31

    sweetsub31 New Member

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    I just bought my first Hitachi Magic Wand...holy hell this thing is powerful! Obviously it's one of the more popular vibrators, as it's always on hogtied and such. My Sir has mentioned that we will try forced orgasms during our next scene. I'm completely intrigued, and scared at the same time. The first time I used my hitachi (yesterday) I orgasmed in under 20 seconds. And that was through 2 layers of clothes! I tried it again several hours later and I was still so sensitive to it. Does anyone have any experience with this thing? Do you have to build up a level of desensitivity? I love it, but the thought of using it more than once or twice in a few hours sure does scare me (of course Sir likes for me to be a bit scared). Any experience you all have had would be helpful. Thanks!
  2. Mdent

    Mdent New Member

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    It is a wonderful toy. I got one for my little pet and she just loves it. Her most powerful orgasms happen when using it. I quite enjoy tying her up and blindfolding her then teasing her with the sound and vibrations. You can see her body tense before it even touches her body.

    Orgasm denial is entertaining after using it to bring her up.
  3. jackk frost

    jackk frost New Member

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    I posted a thread about this about 2 weeks ago, My wife has a hard time with this thing, LOL as well. There was some very good tips in that thread that helped her.
  4. Smyttenkytten

    Smyttenkytten New Member

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    It was crazy at first. I thought it was too much for me. My very first thought was...that I was scared of it...

    but after 2 years...and the fact that we have had to replace both of them, it's just not the same. We took our wand on vacation a few weeks ago...and I could not come. It was very frustrating. But them again we didn't bring restraints; and that does make a big difference in the orgasm scale. @Jackk frost: have her try it byherself and get the feel for the pressure and that might make a difference; it did for me.
  5. sweetsub31

    sweetsub31 New Member

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    @Jackk- I'll take a look at that thread! Can you post a link here? Thank you!

    @kytten- I'm scared of it too. So are you saying you're so desensitized to it, that you are unable to orgasm with it now? My second time using it felt like one, intense, painful orgasm...I don't know what to think of this thing, or what the hell to do with it. I thought about just using it on a daily basis for a week straight and seeing if that helped me become less sensitive.
  6. L8NightQ

    L8NightQ Member

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    This should probably be a section in the Newcomers section. The wand is very powerful and it can do things you want, and don't want. Here are some suggestions, for you and for Jack.

    Always use lubrication with the wand. It really makes a difference.

    Don't use it on high, unless pain and numbness is desired, or if the sub is an old pro that needs that much stimulation.

    Don't use/keep it directly on the clitoris except maybe for short term torture... no where to go from there.

    On new subs, it's best to use it in an "on-off" mode. not with power but application.
    While your inserting your fingers or dildo in her, apply then take it off for a second. You should practice cupping the ball in the palm of your hand, holding it with your thumb and two outer fingers, leaving the two middles to act as a vibrating insertable (of sorts). As you go in, the head will press against her mound and clit, but your fingers will be vibrating all the time.

    Be careful about putting the wand in her vagina. It's different than other battery operated units and once it connects to her other bones (like pelvic) the vibration is no longer central to the area you are working with. She'll feel it in her teeth.

    The wand is best used in conjunction with other types of stimulation, either together, or one after the other, but it's best in short bursts of a couple of minutes to just under 10 depending on the sensitivity of the sub. They're all different and sensitivities vary greatly (and change over time). And clitoral orgasms by themselves are only part of the program. I believe that's where a lot of people go wrong and go insensitive over time. There's more than clitoral orgasms.

    I myself wouldn't be in to much of a hurry to overstimulate my sub, but Doms come in all flavors. Personally, I am hoping that your Dom is mature enough to understand where your sensitivity levels and tolerances are and the difference between good pain and bad pain, between hurt and harm. Like I said in the beginning the wand is not always a toy. It depends on who's giving and who's receiving.

    There's more, but this has already gotten to long.
    Hope it helps. I already know it doesn't fit everyone.
  7. MrWolfgang

    MrWolfgang Member

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    Wow. Thank you L8Night. That was the kind of info that I come around here for. Good stuff. Been looking into getting one of these but, have been hesitant on pulling the trigger due to lack of knowing what the hell to do with it when I have it in hand. Would rather not go with the ole trial and error route sometimes.
  8. jackk frost

    jackk frost New Member

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    There is some great tips in this thread! Even though I'm not the OP thanks!

    Update: Since I made my thread about this a few weeks ago we have tried many of the things suggested in the two threads and she loves the wand. Pretty much everything l8nighto has said we have found works for her.
  9. sweetsub31

    sweetsub31 New Member

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    Thank you so much L8nightQ!! Such good stuff there! If you can add anything else, please do!

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