Hitachi Magic Wand

Discussion in 'General BDSM discussions' started by TiedUpInKnots, Nov 5, 2010.

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    Reviews?? It's pretty expensive to get here in New Zealand - so I bought a mains powered back massager thing. It's OK but I don't think the vibrations are quite strong enough. If I use a plastic vibrator for clit stimulation I orgasm really easily but it takes a fair bit of time/mind work with the massager.

    Is the Magic Wand fairly powerful?
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    It is the best unit on the planet. I've used lots of different vibes but that one always does the trick. The others spend most of their time in the bag.

    I had a Mains unit (the ones that are made in China, right?). Took it back.

    Buy it and don't look back.

    Too bad they're so expensive there. Doesn't matter... they're worth it, but shop the internet. I don't know how shipping factors in but they run about $36 to $49 US on the net. Bout 10 to 15 more in retail stores.
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    Thanks! I'll look at US sites. In New Zealand they are about $250NZD which is about $200USD!
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    That's it. Two + years so far.

  6. have u tried ebay,i saw them for a reasonable price there,

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